August 23, 2022

Another FMTC Tuesday is in the books as August moves on —- Best AM turnout of the Summer with 11 of us there in the AM kicked off by Leah and Rachel 1600/800×2/4×400.  Laura B with some fast 10 x 1Ks  and our “older group” doing the 2/4/8/8 ladder (see photo courtesy of Laura).  In the evening lots of action on the track including some tempo miles (Luff come back !), fast 16 x 200 from Sam – and also a contingent on the Clayton loop for 2 x 2 miles.

Continued thanks to Jason who provided the much-needed water. There were 24/30 PBRs consumed by the end of the evening. I will be reaching out to other members of FMTC to see if they are willing to help with occasional “beer” duty when Jay or I cannot be there on Tuesday evenings. Look soon for some exciting news regarding our affiliation with HS. 

Welcome to 3 New FMTC Members:  Brandon Flynn,  Delles Edmisten 3rd, and Carl Spataro

FMTC Board Meeting –  Thursday, August 25, 2022 – we are open to suggestions, ideas, and recommendations. (new singlets, races, social events, community service) I have heard from just a few people thus far. 

Please let me or another board member (Jeremy, Jay, Sarah, and Drew) know.


AM: Maher, Rowe, Brenner, Kleinhaus, Addis (now owns “Once a Runner”), Bell, Kirchner, Newcomer M, Garland, Newcomer W, Spataro

PM: Arndt, Dever S, Edmisten III, Fife, Flynn, Foester, Gerstenbacher, Glick, Harper, Hickie-Delia, Johnson, Kirchner, Knaster, Luff, Matthews, Matula, McMillan D, McMillan J, Moore,  Nephin, Newcomer W, Noble, O’Regan, Petraco (fly by), Poland, Potnuru, Roselli, Roth,  Simmons, Sollenberger B, Stauffer, Stoltzfus, Ubriaco, Wallick, Wasch (F&M XC), Zook, & Jay” (moving from Boston to Lancaster)

Check-ins: Griffith, Stevenson, Geissinger (OR), Wege (CO), Thorsen (2 x 2 miles), Charles (MT), Weida

RACING AHEAD  –  also see FMTC Club Calendar

8/27/22    Ben and Tim’s 5K Hershey, PA. (Mimi is in)

9/ 3/22     F &M XC Open 5K race at Baker Field @ 10:00 AM

9/10/22    Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon

9/18/22    USATF Masters 12K, Highlands, NJ

9/11/22    Mainline 5K in Wayne, PA

9/18/22    Philadelphia Distance Run

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