August 16, 2022

Welcome Emerson Longenecker to FMTC!!

Another FMTC Tuesday is in the books as August moves on —- solid turnout for both AM and PM workouts.  Our trials of miles for fast times this Fall continue. Many on the track tonight ran the challenging 3 x 2K workout. We opted for the 800s in the AM – Sam G was a late arrival and pounded out 5 x 1-mile repeats cruising at an easy sub-5 pace for him. 

A discussion of 10K PRs starting with Tom Luffs’ 30:10 encouraged me to check the club archives and this is what I found – Christopher Myers 30:42 on the track and Samuel Gerstenbacher 31:11 on the road (bridge run).

The road time definitely needs to come down sooner as opposed to later (group 1 – listening?)

Thanks to Walt for providing the much-needed water and on a lighter note just 22/20 PBRs consumed including a couple of double and two take-homes.

Denise, Jay, Adam M… we missed you guys.

New copies of “Once a Runner”  were presented to FMTC runners Bennett and Nate T to savor as a break from their grind of college studies and academia.

Our FMTC Board Meeting is next Thursday, August 25, 2022 – we are open to suggestions, ideas, and recommendations including a Fall running/social event. Please let me or another board member know.


AM: Kleinhaus, Kirchner, Carl, Newcomer R, Garland, McNeil, Brenner (Clayton), Newcomer W (miles in new Kinvaras)

PM: Addis, Boben B, Boben J (back to MT)  Fife, Foley, Gerstenbacher, Harper, Hodge, Hickie-Delia,  Johnson, King,  Kirchner, Knaster,  Luff,  Maher, Matthews, Nephin, Noble, McCurdy (Boerger), Paul, Pearson E (get that ITB fixed), Petraco, Poland, Richter B, Richter C, Roselli, Simmons, Tagg (Once A Runner), Tagg, Ubriaco, Wallick, Wasch,  Wheeler, UK guy….? 

Check-ins: Roth, Harriger, Hopkins, Seigford, Geissinger (OR), Wege (CO), Thorsen, Charles (MT), Smoker, Weida, Mohler

RACING AHEAD – also see FMTC Club Calendar

  • 8/20/22  Cedar Nation 5K, Lebanon, PA
  • 9/10/22 Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon
  • 9/18/22   USATF Masters 12K, Highlands, NJ
  • 9/11/22 Mainline 5K in Wayne, PA
  • 9/18/22 Philadelphia Distance Run

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