August 30, 2022

A light turnout to close out August, assuming the 5 PM thunder storm kept many away – for our newer members (…to Wade et al –) we don’t cancel due to weather conditions and attendance remains optional – but strongly encouraged). 

A good A.M. turnout (see below) with most of us doing the 1600/1200/800 ladder.  A very solid solo effort by Becca J (pre-work) and Evan….A small # for evening workouts led by a trio of fast women (see photo), also Tom Luff’s solo effort extending his tempo time ( see photo) and a strong group 2 doing the full ladder @ 6-min pace  (see photo) including some lead-out work by new member M. Potnuru!  Additional strong solo efforts included Petraco with some fast 400/200s and N. Tagg doing FIVE x 2Ks – never easy but showing dedication to the trials of miles.  Some of group one opted for some tempo miles on the Clayton loop with no racing in sight – except perhaps they are considering the F&M / Millersville Univ. XC Race at Baker this Saturday AM….see below and consider competing if you around this weekend. 

Another THANK YOU to Jason who provides the club with the weekly water…      22/30 PBRs consumed by the end of the evening including one to go with Bennett and Sam and a “double” by Otis.  Except for when Jay can make it, the post-workout  PBRs will now be done for the season so perhaps a byob will be an option. 


AM: Addis, Brenner, Johnson, Bell, Kleinhaus, Kirchner, Newcomer M, Garland, Newcomer W, and Spataro

PM: Delany (26.2 in two weeks, McMillan D, Sollenberger B, Delia-Hickey, Boben B,  Dever S (Ironman awaits), Frymyer, Glick, Kirchner, Luff, Matthews, Edmisten, Matula, Petraco, Poland, Tagg, Potnuru, Richter B,  Matula, Roth, Simmons, Ubriaco, Wallick, Wasch (F&M XC),

Check-ins: Moore (York track), Harriger, Geissinger (OR), Charles (MT), Weida, McMillan J, McCurdy (injury)

RACING AHEAD – also see FMTC Club Calendar on our website

  • 9/3/22     F &M XC Open 5K race at Baker Field
  • 9/10/22    Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon
  • 9/18/22    USATF Masters 12K, Highlands, NJ
  • 9/11/22    Mainline 5K in Wayne, PA
  • 9/18/22    Philadelphia Distance Run ½ Marathon

SAVE the Dates on your calendars / especially December’s event which gives you 3 months to clear work and family momentum issues:

 Saturday, October 22: FMTC Saturday Group Run Event
 Tuesday, December 13: Annual FMTC Meeting and Holiday WOW at Reology 

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