Annual membership for individuals is $25.

The deadline for existing members to renew dues for calendar year 2022 is February 28.

You can pay your membership dues by using the “Pay with PayPal” option below.

F and M Track Club Annual Membership

1 x Annual membership to the F and M Track Club. You can purchase more than one membership if applicable—for example, if your spouse or significant other needs one.


You can also pay dues via mobile using Venmo. Send payment to @fandmtrackclub and include your full name and email address in the payment notes.

Dues paid with PayPal or Venmo are preferred, but we can also collect cash or checks made out to ‘F and M Track Club’.

Potential new members are welcome to join us for several running events/activities prior to deciding if you’d like to formally join the club. At this time, we’re asking that any potential new members be at least 2 weeks past their final COVID-19 vaccination dose before joining for any group events/activities.

Formal Membership Benefits

  • Addition to the club email list for all official club communication, workouts, etc.
  • Guaranteed entry into all club-sponsored races, track meets, and/or time trials
  • Free snacks and refreshments after Tuesday night track workouts
  • Access to special club social events, parties, etc. throughout the year
  • Eligibility for club records, awards, and one-off time and/or placing bonuses for racing performances
  • Ability to purchase club apparel/gear; occasional free swag and gifts

Support Beyond Membership

F and M Track Club has operated for many years through the generosity of a few key members and supporters. Now that we are formally raising funds through annual membership dues, additional donations are not expected.

However, if you want to make a donation to the club beyond your membership dues, that would be greatly appreciated and helps us do even more for our members.

You can also further support us by buying club apparel/gear. Group buys are typically offered numerous times per year.

Hours Tuesdays at 6pm; Saturdays at 7am
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