Men’s Team

Get to know some of our members through their answers to these questions:

1. Why do you run? 
2. What do you like to do in your free time when you aren’t running? 
3. List one random fun fact about yourself. 
4. What is your favorite race, and why? 
5. Optional – List up to 3 personal bests at various distances.

Chris Addis

  1. As I reached middle age, I found myself in need of setting some important personal goals. In order to lead others, I found it important to lead myself. I am greatly inspired by F and M track club members who reward commitment as much as performance!
  2. My family and I love Maine. We have a little log cabin in Boothbay Harbor that is one bedroom but sleeps 12! We love to sail, paddle and hike.
  3. I grew up as a horse person and collected antique carriages. Lancaster was a resource for wheelwrights, harness makers, and horse traders.
  4. My favorite race was the LOVE RUN 2018 when I crossed the line with my three kids. It was a super fun Dad moment!
  5. Notable PRs: Best Half-Marathon: 1:57:14.

Bill Boben

  1. I run to release energy and have an interactive relationship in the outdoors with my body and soul.
  2. I enjoy downhill and Nordic skiing in the winter. Enjoy cycling and swimming as a compliment to running. All types of yard work: raking leaves, gardening, cutting grass, and landscaping when I have the time. Reading; American history (colonial, civil war era and the gilded age) spy mysteries, and inspirational stories.
  3. I played rugby for twenty years before realizing that my continued participation in the sport could be damaging to my health and family momentum.
  4. Red Rose Run – history, heat and the hill followed by the NYC Marathon “because it’s New York” as I was once told by a Polish runner on the course when asked them this question.
  5. PRs? I’m so old I can’t remember back that far.

Will Charles

  1. I enjoy the out of doors in top gear, relaxation, achievement, to stay in shape, for competition and so I don’t have to watch the calories of what I eat.
  2. Piloting a plane, snowboarding, traveling, learning new things, reading.
  3. I lived 1 year in France and can still hold simple conversations in French.
  4. There are a lot but maybe being on the F and M’s Hood to Coast (198-mile relay) super- masters team and winning 1st place as a team.
  5. I’ll list age-graded times as I didn’t run a lot of races until my mid-50s. 10k (34:27), 10 miles (54:29), Half-Marathon (1:12).

Sam Dever

  1. I run to better myself each day.
  2. I like to spend time at the beach or in the mountains.
  3. My favorite movie is Hot Fuzz, & the Peace Lily is my favorite plant.
  4. Teri’s Run, It is a quick and competitive local 5k held in the evening when I tend to race better.
  5. Notable PRs: 4:54 mile, 1:18:00 half-marathon, 10:23:51 100k.

Ryan Gehman

  1. I run for my life, quite literally. At a young age I was diagnosed with Autism, that obviously comes with many challenges, one of the hardest being severe anxiety. I run because when I am out on the road or trail I have freedom from all that. I have peace, joy, and can be the best version of myself.
  2. I enjoy reading anything on running. Outdoor activities such as slack-lining and frisbee. I love a good TV show and am a sucker for Marvel Movies.
  3. I did my Senior internship with the Mammoth Track Club and have gone out the Mammoth Lakes four Summers in a row now for altitude training, this Summer will be #5.
  4. Hands down the Boston Marathon. I love how much history it has and the courage / strength of the people there. The support the of the runners is amazing and I can’t wait to go back! It also has a personal meaning to me because it renewed my love and passion for running after a long hard stretch of injuries.
  5. Notable PRs: 8k (XC) 24:15, 5k (road) 15:09, Marathon 2:38.

Sam Gerstenbacher

  1. I started running because I found I was better than most of my peers and because I loved how measurable progress in this sport is. I currently run for the same reasons, but in addition, I now run because I believe to be successful in life you must regularly put yourself in situations that challenge you mentally, physically and emotionally. Running does this better than most things while simultaneously being amazingly cathartic.
  2. When not running, I spend time reading and writing and yes, using Strava very frequently.
  3. My middle name is a type of tree.
  4. My favorite race is anything on distance night at the Penn Relays. Incredible atmosphere and competition.
  5. Notable PRs: 3000m SC: 8:51; 5000m 14:06; Half Marathon 1:06:18

Jeff Kirchner

  1. I run for enjoyment, challenge, relationships in my life – and the benefits to my mental and physical health. It has been about 32 years of running – and hoping at least 10 more – Justin Geissinger says 15!? Time will tell.
  2. Reading and trying new craft beers.
  3. Tracy and I are the parents of several eastern box turtles (none of whom are very fast) who reside at our city home.
  4. Boston – for its legacy, history, supportive crowds, and the motivational goal it has become for many of our runners. My first was in 1999 (after 4 attempts) and last was in 2014. Sometimes I feel I overstate the significance of this race but when our F and M Track Club members come back with their stories–and desire to run it again (and again) it validates my beliefs.
  5. Notable PRs: Millersville Mile (4:38), Hadassah 5k (16:28), Run for Peace 10k (36:26).

Justin Krebs

Justin Krebs (1)
  1. I run to stay healthy, challenge myself and spend time with Christine and Naomi.
  2. With my free time, I like to spend it outside with our dog Sawyer.
  3. I once raced a marathon and a mile on the same day.
  4. My favorite race is Boston. It is so amazing having spectators along the whole course (or pretty much the whole way).
  5. The PR’s that I am most proud of are: 5k (15:01), 10k (31:24) and 10 miles (51:23).

Jeremy Matula

  1. I run for the physical and mental health benefits it provides, as well as the friendships I’ve built through running. As a competitive person, it’s also a great outlet to push and challenge myself—through setting goals and being accountable.
  2. I like spending time with family, outdoor activities like camping and hiking, drinking a nice beer or whiskey, following sports (running and non-running), and tinkering around with mechanical things (like cars and watches).
  3. A picture of my family and I was once broadcast on the Nasdaq building in Times Square, NYC.
  4. My favorite race is the half-marathon because it’s half the distance of the marathon, but you can get away with doing way less than half of the training, still run well, and recover much faster.
  5. Notable PRs: 10k: 31:45, Half-Marathon: 1:12:18, Marathon: 2:37:09.

Jay McMillan

  1. For the social aspect. I love being part of a team and its hard to find a “team” that you can be on in any other sport that is actually competitive when you are approaching 50.
  2. Work on projects around our house. Travel and video games.
  3. There is very little I won’t try. If I think its going to embarrass or scare me, I will jump right in immediately to not give myself time to think about it.
  4. The marathon. It doesn’t just let you coast. You have to put the effort in and you have to be willing to look at yourself honestly.
  5. Current Masters PBs (they are all going down this year): Mile: 5:02 (2021); 5K: 17:38 (2020); Marathon: 2:57 (2021).

Dan Nephin

  1. Physical and mental heath. Camaraderie. Competition.
  2. Free time? What’s that? Outdoors activities: Camping, fishing, hiking, beer.
  3. I pierced my nose and nipples myself. No anesthesia.
  4. Boston Marathon. The history and tradition. In general, marathons because they’re sufficiently challenging and make good goals for me.
  5. Notable PRs: 100 miles: 22:11:19 (Oil Creek, 2010); Marathon: 2:57:21 (Boston, 2010) Beer mile: 6:52 (F&M Track, 2014).

Drew Nesbitt

  1. “The Trial of Miles; Miles of Trials” -John L Parker.
  2. Spending time playing and watching my children Dathan and Dakota.
  3. The Gary Gagliardi Memorial Beer Mile wins are some of my most prestigious athletic accomplishments…
  4. Red Rose Run, it was where I ran my first (kids) road race.
  5. Notable PRs: 5000m: 14:44.40, Penn Relays Carnival, 4/26/2007; 15k: 51:11, Utica Boilermaker, 7/9/2017; 1/2 Marathon: 1:12:15, 1/14/2018.

Walt Newcomer

  1. I started running to get in better shape and wanted to do a marathon before I turned 50. After the marathon, I realized I actually do like running. With my job at the time, it relieved stress and just made me feel better and also gave me a sense of accomplishment.
  2. I enjoy working in my repair shop restoring my classic British car. I like to go backpacking and spending time at my hunting cabin in Potter County. Also my wife and I own and take care of a small horse boarding stable just outside of Manheim.
  3. I like listening to blue grass music, especially the banjo.
  4. It may seem odd but I would say a marathon is my favorite. Training and the lead up to the marathon is extremely difficult and stressful, but once it is completed the sense of accomplishment is overwhelming. My first one was the Marine Corp Marathon. It was so inspiring to see 26.2 miles of people cheering for people they didn’t even know.
  5. Notable PRs: York Marathon 3:22:51; F&M mile time trial 5:55; Hartz Fall Blast 5k 20:49.

Dan Pick

  1. Running is special. I grew up playing various competitive sports, but nothing compares to running. It is the one thing in my life where I feel a sense of control over input and output: when I invest time and energy (physical, mental, spiritual) there’s an observable payoff. Running requires loads of patience, but I always feel like I’m going somewhere and that gives me a motivation that is hard to capture in other ways. Besides that, endorphins are great!
  2. If I get some alone time, I like reading and academic inquiry in general. When I’m with friends or my kids, I enjoy board games or backyard activities.
  3. I’m a bit of a Francophile; been known to be fairly fluent in French and for anyone who’s seen me run shirtless, you can spot a French flag permanently enshrined on my skin.
  4. In terms of favorite races, I actually don’t have a long list to choose from, so I will go with anything in Philadelphia. I love running in that city.
  5. My PRs are all 12 years old, but for now: 5k – 17:02; 8k – 28:15; Half Marathon – 1:20:12.

Tim Schuler

  1. I run for my physical/mental health.
  2. I enjoy time with my wife, grandchildren, and dogs—also biking, golfing, camping, and working part time at Inside Track.
  3. I like to garden and enjoy good beer.
  4. My favorite race is the marathon.
  5. Notable PRs: 5 mile – 24:15; 13.1 – 1:05:42; 26.2 – 2:18:58.

Zach Simmons

Zack Simmons
  1. I run because I feel like it makes me a better person; aside from the physical benefits, running helps keep my head clear and anxiety low. I have met some of my best friends through the running community and am drawn to the welcoming and competitive nature of the sport.
  2. Outside of running, I enjoy traveling, playing other sports (mostly soccer and frisbee), and reading.
  3. I can play the cello.
  4. Celtic Solstice 5 Miler (Baltimore, MD) – I grew up in the Baltimore-metro area and try to run this race every year. The course is fair, yet challenging and always attracts good competition. The post-race festivities are also top notch!
  5. Notable PRs: 5k – 15:14.96 – Bison Outdoor Classic (2014); 8k – 25:12.4 – Rowan Interregional Border Battle (2015); Half-Marathon – 71:16 – Philadelphia Half-Marathon (2018).

Nate Tagg

  1. I run to stay in touch with my body, to experience more of my environment, to track my self-improvement, to be around other obsessive but positive people, to get into a flow state from time to time, and to have an excuse for buying lots of shoes.
  2. I’m typically hanging out with my wife and our four-year-old daughter, or I’m reading literature or writing poetry. I’ve written two books of poetry that were published in 2018 and 2021 (learn more at
  3. I have hobbit-like feet that suggest I should be walking the Ring of Power to Mordor rather than trying to be a faster runner.
  4. My favorite race is the recreational runner’s Olympics, where you share the road with some of the world’s best runners, where you’re challenged by a unique elevation profile, where a whole city supports you, where your run is connected to legends and history: The Boston Marathon.
  5. I was never in track or cross country, and I started training in 2019, so hopefully I can improve on my PRs: 17:19 (2021 Hartz Fall Blast 5K), 1:19:15 (2021 Philadelphia Half Marathon), 2:47:58 (2022 Boston Marathon).

Jake Thorsen

  1. I run to center myself, to explore the world, and see what is possible. Running is a way for me to destress and disconnect while building toward a goal.
  2. I enjoy spending time with my family, hiking, watching baseball, and working to build an inclusive Lancaster community.
  3. While in Americorps, I lived in the El Paso County Jail in Colorado Springs and worked on a wildland fire and flood mitigation project.
  4. My favorite race is the Philly Marathon – it is a well run race, close to home, and have good memories of running it with FMTC teammates.
  5. Personal Best: 2:55:33 Marathon.

Otis Ubriaco

  1. I run because I’m addicted to it. I’ve been running for so long I don’t feel like myself if I don’t run for more than a few days. I originally got into running because I loved racing/the competition. That still is my favorite part but now it’s more about being competitive with myself.
  2. Organizing with Lancaster Stands Up, reading outside, hanging out/playing games with friends!
  3. I love geography and can name every country/territory capital.
  4. The 3k. It’s short enough to not lose concentration and you still need some speed, but it’s long enough that you need to be a lil strong.
  5. Notable PRs: 3k: 7:59, 5k: 14:17, Shotput: 5.20 meters.

Peter Weida

  1. To continuously strive towards an activity that keeps me engaged. To connect me to the larger community. To disengage from a society that is itself disconnected.
  2. I enjoy learning, and learning usually implies reading books. I’m usually more inclined to stay in and read a book or play an interesting video game rather than go out and socialize. With that said, I also enjoy to travel and explore.
  3. I was once one of the best young chess players in the state. I often competed at tournaments that comprised of 6 hour matches for days on end.
  4. Currently it’s the Philadelphia Marathon. I love the city and enjoy running the course.
  5. Notable PRs: 2:35:23 – Gettysburg Marathon; 12:21:00 – Worlds End Ultra 100k; 4:39 – Night of Miles and Smiles.

Ben Zook

  1. It helps me to meditate, and think more clearly. It is also a lot of fun with outstanding friends. Pushing myself hard from the self-imposed challenge of running faster, has taught me so much about myself. This has resulted in many positive benefits in my spiritual, personal, and professional life.
  2. Studying electricity and electronics. I have had a fascination with technology and electricity ever since I was a little boy. Today I lead a solar service company and try to share with the world what solar power can provide. The possibilities and benefits of solar power are astounding.
  3. I tend to be a quiet, analytical geek that also has a caring side just underneath the surface.
  4. The Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon. I have not seen another running event where the everyone interacts long after the run is over, quite like this one. It’s not just about the run, but also the food, other unique touches, and the camaraderie throughout the entire weekend’s event.
  5. Notable PRs: 10k: 35:05; 1 Mile: 4:52; Marathon: 2:52.

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