Women’s Team

Get to know some of our members through their answers to these questions:

1. Why do you run? 
2. What do you like to do in your free time when you aren’t running? 
3. List one random fun fact about yourself. 
4. What is your favorite race, and why? 
5. Optional – List up to 3 personal bests at various distances.

Isabel Bentz

Bentz (1)
  1. Having discovered my running passion at age 64, I have found there is nothing like the exhilarating feeling after a good workout and race. I love the feel of my body while running. Running suits my personality: setting goals and striving/training to achieve them.
  2. Reading/listening to books(currently British Police Procedural), walking, biking, eating French cooking (yummy), communicating and learning French, excursions with friends.
  3. I studied ballet, tap, and en pointe for 7 years from age 8 to age 15; I could probably solely exist on almond butter and vegetables.
  4. Lancaster Race Against Racism because it is a wonderful community event that attracts good runners.
  5. Ben and Tim Day 5K (2018): 25:08
    Age graded 86%
    York White Rose 5 mile (2018): 41:53
    Age graded 82%
    VA Beach Shamrock Half-Marathon
    (2018): 1.55:15. Age graded 85%

Emma Crossen

E. Rissinger
  1. My dad had been running since I can remember. After finishing up my field hockey career he got me into it. Also, I love ice cream!
  2. I love to cook and bake, so I’m usually in the kitchen!
  3. I can ride a unicycle.
  4. Pittsburgh Marathon… It was the first marathon I saw my dad run in when I was very young and it was my first marathon two years ago. It’s the race that got me hooked!
  5. 5k – 19:54, Half-Marathon – 1:28:42, Marathon – 3:09:35

Sarah Delia

  1. I run to blow off stress and stay healthy, and because I love the personal challenges and victories associated with training over time. Also cookies.
  2. Travel, sing karaoke, drink wine, organize stuff.
  3. I never got a high school diploma (or a GED). Made it to the next level anyway.
  4. The Johnson City TN Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. The crowds are great and Krispy Kreme is a sponsor. I love holiday races in general. Just something in the air.
  5. Marathon – Mohawk Hudson River Marathon (2016) 2:53:50
    Half Marathon – Rock N Roll DC Half (2016) 1:24:17
    10 Mile – Cherry Blossom (2015) 1:02:06

Katie O’Regan

  1. I love both the competitive side and meditative aspect of being outside exploring by yourself. I like challenging myself.
  2. I’m usually architecting, but I also draw a lot, and drink coffee and eat snacks with my cat.
  3. I have an extra bone in my ankle.
  4. Escarpment Trail Run. Good, wholesome, extremely questionable fun in the mountains.
  5. Cherry Blossom 10 Miler – 56:36, Penn Relays OD 5k – 17:22 (WAS NOT DEAD LAST!!), Chambersburg Christmas Dash 10k – 35:05

Becca Richter

  1. The reason I run is to continue to challenge myself and strive for my highest potential. This is accompanied by amazing friendships and being part of an outstanding community.
  2. When I am not running, I like to bike and swim – mostly to prepare for the triathlon season. Outside of athletics, I enjoy spending time with my two rescue puppies, trying new IPAs, reading memoirs and sipping on a delicious latte, an americano, or an espresso. I also dabble with some German literature, music, and films.
  3. I only began my running career in 2014. My first athletic engagement was with Rugby, starting in 2007 at Millersville University. I continued to play with the Lancaster Thorns Women’s team until 2014.
  4. The obvious answer would have to be the Boston Marathon, but I have an adoration for the Red Rose 5 Miler and of course the Beer Mile!
  5. Rehoboth Marathon: 3:24:58, Amos Herr Honey Run 5k: 20:48, F and M Beer Mile: 8:28 (record)

Mallory Weiss-Gunzenhauser

Mallory-Gunzenhauser-F&MTrackClub (1)
  1. I run for fitness, to manage anxiety, for the social aspect and because I’m competitive.
  2. In my free time, I like to explore new places with my husband or just walk around downtown Lancaster dropping into our favorite spots.
  3. I have never seen a Rocky Movie.
  4. My favorite race is definitely the Boston Marathon. The energy and excitement from runners and spectators are unlike anything I’ve experienced in any other race.
  5. 5k – 18:57 Race Against Racism
    10 Mile – 1:05:55 Broad Street Run
    Marathon – 3:10:43 Tucson Marathon
Hours Tuesdays at 6pm; Saturdays at 7am
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