August 9, 2022

Another FMTC Tuesday is in the books. An excellent turnout for both AM (11) and PM (38) workouts. Thanks to Jason for the water and Gavin for the watermelon. Lots of miles run. Adam got 5 of the 6 1Ks down as assigned by Brian. Our Group One boys opted to go off-track and did an easy bonding tempo run. Cody and Jay argued a bit over the paces of their 800s. Still, they kept each other honest. Perhaps the dialogue below adds some perspective to running in the heat and humidity as August lingers on and provides a bit of suffering for all of us who are out there every day getting our miles in. 

Jeff – (with hand on knees after the 12th  400) – “Aaack, Aaack – thanks for the pacing Phil, but why the hell am I doing this at age 63?”

Scott – (seen shaking his head and scowling ) – I don’t want to complain….but this weather sucks. Furthermore, this was a slog, not a workout! The weather is ridiculous !…. I may switch to pickleball”

Jeremy – “Agree, WTF are we running for ?…. Oh yeah,  we will all be running PRs in November“

Tom L – (humble and quiet) – “My shoes are soaked with sweat, but thanks for the miles, Nick”

Sam G – (the voice of youth and wisdom) – Runners are forged in the fires of Hell. Today I may curse the conditions and cumulative fatigue, but on race day I’ll thank myself for getting through them”

Doug Arndt – Congrats to a good friend and long-time running partner who turns 65 today and is out there every week getting it done on the track. We had a  “welcome to Medicare” Sam Adams Summer Ale for him. 

WELCOME to the newest FMTC Members – Mani  Potnuru and Anthony Roselli 


AM: Hickie, Maher, Kleinhaus, Kirchner, Newcomer M, Newcomer W, Johnson, Garland, Wasch, Tagg, and Nephin.

PM: Arndt (65), Boben B, Gerstenbacher, Glick, Harper, Hodge, Hickie-Delia, Kalinowski (new kicks, form is OK), Kirchner, Knaster, Lachman (still Sam’s friend), Luff, Matthews, Matula, Moore, Noble, McCurdy (Boerger), McMillan D, McMillan J (fit, fast, fifty!), Paul,  Petraco, Potnuru, Pryor (killing the 400s solo), Richter B, Richter C, Roselli, Roth, Simmons,  Smoker, Stevenson, Stoltzfus, Tagg (double), Ubriaco, Wallick, Weida, and 3 new “guests” – Andrew (Solanco XC), Willow St guy, Univ of KY guy.   

Check-ins: Addis (ME), Bell, Dubs, Geissinger (OR), Wege (CO), Thorsen (New baby), Charles (UK), McNeil (NH), Brenner (NH)

RACING AHEAD  –  also see FMTC Club Calendar

  • 8/10/22  Tracksmith Twilight 5k, Philadelphia / Franklin Field 6:30 PM
  • 8/20/22  Cedar Nation 5K, Lebanon, PA
  • 9/10/22  Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon
  • 9/18/22   USATF Masters 12K, Highlands, NJ
  • 9/11/22   Mainline 5K in Wayne, PA
  • 9/18/22   Philadelphia Distance Run
  • 10/9/22   Delaware Distance Classic 15K – Wilmington DE
  • 11/6/22   Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge 10K Camden NJ

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