April 21, 2020

Late send out for yesterday’s Track due to work issues but a significant number checked – in and dealt with some unpleasant April winds on the track; I made a quick visit up at to F and M around 6 PM – And spotted PHIL, BEN, JONAS, and JASON getting ready to do the 2Ks. Walter was granted marathon exemption but came to the track anyway! I think some of you ran elsewhere based on a quick Strava view (Tom, Otis, Nick, Sam ,Andrew, Laura B, Adam M…..)

CHECK Ins (Track/workout): McMillan D, Addis (LS track), Alter, Kleinhaus, Arndt, Bell (LS Track), Bentz, Charles, Cubbison, Mohler, Kirchner, Zook, Stoltzfus, Smoker ,Garland, Roth, Weida, Zielinski, Richter C, Matula, Maranan, Wege, Petraco, Newcomer W. Longenecker, Matthews, Geissinger, Southam , Sollenberger A

Marathon Exemptions: Krebs J, Barber, Nephin, Newcomer W. , Rissinger E, Kalinowski, Stauffer, Oliver

** Keep running / check out the photo above / Hopefully a story later this week on F and M Marathon Monday by Dan. And late Kudos to Georganne who ran a road PR of 17:12 this past weekend (BAA Virtual race) – would anticipate sub 17 later in the Season.

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