April 28, 2019

April is almost (thankfully) past and I remain hopeful that we will return as a group to the track sometime in May. Peter W hit his in sub 2:30, Jeremy and Scott 2:30+, Ben 2:40s.

On / At the TRACK: (bold = f and m track) Brenner, Bailey, Newcomer W, Boben B, Boben J, Smoker, Stoltzfus. Zook, Garland, Kirchner , Kleinhaus, Weida, Maranan, Arndt, Lyons….. Matthews, Mohler, Addis (LS), Bell (LS), Rissinger, Bentz, Matula (LS), Roth (LS), Oles, McMillan; Sollenberger, A, Sollenberger B, Zielinski, McMillan D, Stauffer, Cubbison, Richter C, Charles, Longenecker (W), Dever S & A, Antinucci, Geissinger, Previti, Gehman

Miles/ Checked-in – Wege, Mitchell, Bailey, McMillan J, Lachman,…and probably a few more.

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