May 21, 2019

Per Brian’s report, a nice night on the track with all but 2 beers consumed, all pretzels, pringles, and chocolate milk went as well.  This list may NOT be inclusive and only includes those I saw early and who Brian/Angie reported – so check in if you were there and not listed below.

ON THE TRACK (by 5:50 PM): Watson L and G, Petraco, Sollenberger, Nesbitt, Hickey, Griffith, Kirchner, Rissinger E, Rissinger T, Moore (? yes Adam),  Long, Ubriaco, Bryan, Simmons, Longenecker, Brenner, Arndt, Newcomer, Kennedy, Denver, Gehman, Richter, Weida, Horst A, Horst S, Cope, Mohler, Addis, Mitchell, Peterson, Moore, Wege, Geissinger, Charles, Barber P, Boben B, Boben J, Maranan, Stauffer, Oles…

CHECK IN: Previti, Pendelton, Lyons, Shertzer, Dubs, Lutz, Nephin*, McMillan J, McMillan D, Bergman,  Bentz, Kalionsowki, Zielinski, Matula, Harriger, Oliver, Southam, Lyons…

Likely a race or 2 somewhere this Memorial Day Weekend, Red Rose June 1 – check with Sam regarding teams but as noted this is NOT necessary to race – hoping for at least 25 from the club.



Weekend Racing

Massanutten Mountian Trails 100-mile Run

Jason Lantz, 21:50:30 – 2nd overall

lantz MM 2019
Jason Lantz at mile 63 aid station of MMT 100.

York YMCA Marathon

Jay McMillan, 2:20:06

Denise McMillan, 3:43:16 – 2nd AG (BQ)

Bay to Breakers 12k Race

Jeff Kirchner, 55:21 – 7th AG

Third Thirsty Thursday 5k

Sam Dever, 19:18 – 2nd AG

Alyssa Kennedy, 19:32 – 1st female

Johnnie K 5k

Lyle Stauffer, 16:55 – 1st overall

Amy’s Run 5k

Sam Dever, 18:46 – 1st overall

Alyssa Kennedy, 19:53 – 1st female

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