Meet our Runners

Our club has grown to nearly 70 runners. Get to know them through their answers to these questions:

1. Why do you run? 
2. What do you like to do in your free time when you aren’t running? 
3. List one random fun fact about yourself. 
4. What is your favorite race, and why? 
5. Optional – List up to 3 personal bests at various distances.


Bob Bergmann


1. Fun and fitness

2. Throw axes

3. I have lived with double vision my entire life. Double the fun.

4. Bull Run 50 Miler – 8 time finisher – Nice scenery and an easy course for a trail 50

5. 100 miles = 23:38:10, marathon = 2:54:22 and 10k in 35:02

Bill Boben


1. I run to release energy and have a interactive relationship in the outdoors with my body and soul.

2. I enjoy downhill and Nordic skiing in the winter. Enjoy cycling and swimming as a compliment to running. All types of yard work: raking leaves, gardening, cutting grass, and landscaping when I have the time. Reading; American history (colonial, civil war era and the gilded age) spy mysteries, and inspirational stories.

3. I played rugby for twenty years before realizing that my continued participation in the sport could be damaging to my health and family momentum.

4. Red Rose Run – history, heat and the hill followed by the NYC Marathon “because it’s New York” as I was once told by Polish runner on the course once told me when asked this question.

5. I’m so old I can’t remember back that far.

Sarah Delia


1. I run to blow off stress and stay healthy, and because I love the personal challenges and victories associated with training over time. Also cookies.

2. Travel, sing karaoke, drink wine, organize stuff.

3. I never got a high school diploma (or a GED). Made it to the next level anyway.

4. The Johnson City TN Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. The crowds are great and Krispy Kreme is a sponsor. I love holiday races in general. Just something in the air.

5. Marathon – Mohawk Hudson River Marathon (2016) 2:53:50
Half Marathon – Rock N Roll DC Half (2016) 1:24:17
10 Mile – Cherry Blossom (2015) 1:02:06

Peter Weida


1. I think the best explanation for running is that it is an antithesis to drugs and alcohol. It is my way of combatting addiction and is a sincerely positive influence in my life. Running rejuvenates me spiritually, and helps me excel mentally and physically. Without running, I would have less motivation to live a life inspired through health and wellness. Running is an excellent way to build community and foster relationships. It helps me engage with the community at large and provides structure. One aspect I love the most about running is that it forces me to step outside of my comfort zone. Often times, I find that the most enjoyable runs I go on are the runs that I initially am uncomfortable with starting out. This can be useful for times when I would rather be complacent and am not wanting to move.
Another reason why I run is that I naturally gravitate towards others who share my passion. I was a runner in high school and always remember my teammates as being some of the coolest people at school. I like to think that as a runner I am making a (hopefully positive) difference. I also enjoy fantasizing about being the quickest runner out of a field of many talented individuals. Running gives me something to talk about and a way to relate to people.

2. I enjoy being social when I have time. I also enjoy reading and hope to become a more adept writer. I love to travel, but often I somehow find a way to incorporate running into my travel plans.

3. I am 26 years young.

4. It might be the Boston Marathon. The enthusiasm, crowd support, and emotion behind the race is truly spectacular. There is no other race like it.

5. Turkey Hill Classic Half Marathon (2019) – 1:22:28
AACR Philadelphia Marathon (2018) – 2:48:05
Red Rose Run- 5 mile (2009) – 34:56

Isabel Bentz

Bentz (1)1. Having discovered my running passion at age 64, I have found there is nothing like the exhilarating feeling after a good workout and race. I love the feel of my body while running. Running suits my personality: setting goals and striving/training to achieve them.

2. Reading/listening to books(currently British Police Procedural)
Walking and biking
Eating French cooking (yummy)
Communicating and learning French
Excursions with friends

3. I studied ballet, tap, and en pointe for 7 years from age 8 to age 15; I could probably solely exist on almond butter and vegetables.

4. Lancaster Race Against Racism because it is a wonderful community event that attracts good runners.

5. Ben and Tim Day 5K (2018): 25:08
Age graded 86%
York White Rose 5 mile (2018): 41:53
Age graded 82%
VA Beach Shamrock Half-Marathon
(2018): 1.55:15. Age graded 85%

Justin Krebs

Justin Krebs (1)1. I run to stay healthy, challenge myself and spend time with Christine and Naomi.

2. With my free time, I like to spend it outside with our dog Sawyer.

3. I once raced a marathon and a mile on the same day

4. My favorite race is Boston. It is so amazing having spectators along the whole course (or pretty much the whole way)

5. The PR’s that I am most proud of are 5k – 15:01, 10k – 31:24 and 10 miles 51:23.

Drew Nesbitt

Drew Nesbitt1. “The Trial of Miles; Miles of Trials”John L Parker

2. Spending time playing and watching my children Dathan and Dakota.

3. The Gary Gagliardi Memorial Beer Mile wins are some of my most prestigious athletic accomplishments…

4. Red Rose Run, it was where I ran my first (kids) road race

5. 5000m: 14:44.40, Penn Relays Carnival, 4/26/2007
15k: 51:11, Utica Boilermaker, 7/9/2017
1/2 Marathon: 1:12:15, 1/14/2018

Zach Simmons

Zack Simmons1. I run because I feel like it makes me a better person; aside from the physical benefits, running helps keep my head clear and anxiety low. I have met some of my best friends through the running community and am drawn to the welcoming and competitive nature of the sport.

2. Outside of running, I enjoy traveling, playing other sports (mostly soccer and frisbee), and reading.

3. I can play the cello.

4. Celtic Solstice 5 Miler (Baltimore, MD) – I grew up in the Baltimore-metro area and try to run this race every year. The course is fair, yet challenging and always attracts good competition. The post-race festivities are also top notch!

5. 5k – 15:14.96 – Bison Outdoor Classic (2014); 8k – 25:12.4 – Rowan Interregional Border Battle (2015); Half-Marathon – 71:16 – Philadelphia Half-Marathon (2018)

Mallory Weiss-Gunzenhauser

Mallory-Gunzenhauser-F&MTrackClub (1)1. I run for fitness, to manage anxiety, for the social aspect and because I’m competitive.

2. In my free time, I like to explore new places with my husband or just walk around downtown Lancaster dropping into our favorite spots.

3. Random fact: I have never seen a Rocky Movie.

4. My favorite race is definitely the Boston Marathon. The energy and excitement from runners and spectators are unlike anything I’ve experienced in any other race.

5. 3 Personal bests at various distances…
5K – 18:57 Race Against Racism
10 Mile – 1:05:55 Broad Street Run
Marathon – 3:10:43 Tucson Marathon

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