September 5, 2023

Tuesday Cool Down
September 6th, 2023
The first Track Tuesday of September and quite hot. It was already 75* when the morning contingent got to the track at 6:30 AM. All elected to do the challenging 16/12/8/4/2 double ladder. Pat was making his return to the track – hammering out some 800s. Let it be known that the oldest guy on the track (Walt @ 68 years) closed the workout with a 37.2 – 200m. 
FOR THE PM: It was 94* at the start !  Jason brought the much-needed water and Jay and Denise provided the PBRs. Sollenberger took attendance at 7pm.  Good post workout conversation, including Zach’s hitching skills, and discussion of Germany, as the Berlin folks are getting excited!

A.M. Track  Addis, Bell, Dubs,  Kirchner, Kleinhaus, Lafferty,  Newcomer M, Newcomer W,  Paul, Spataro
FLY BYs:  Matthews (thanks for the encouragement), Petraco, Gerstenbacher

P.M. Track
 Sollenbergers A and B, McMillans D and J, Nephin, Smoker, Petraco, Roth, Nesbit, Noble, O’Regan, Simmons, O’Regan, Walllick, Arndt, Harper, Sarah H, Matthews, Hodge, Roselli, Stolzfus, Tagg, GreenawaltCheck-Ins
Charles (MT), Wege (ME), Wasch (MD), Henderson (AZ), Boben (Italy), Moore (Rocky Ridge), Stephens (Ephrata), Ubriaco (rowing!), Lachman (NYC)
SOME FMTC HOUSEKEEPINGA shout-out thanks Will Charles for his mention of the F and M Track Club in today’s LNP story “We Were Born to Run” noting the increase of older runners at local races. Will is the senior-most male member of FMTC at 72! A friendly reminder – you can always reply directly to club emails to pass along any questions, comments, or suggestions. Your Input and Feedback are welcome! If you have race results, please send them to Sarah and Jeff Kirchner by Sunday afternoon for inclusion in the week’s Tuesday Track email.If you have upcoming races, please send the locations /dates to Jeff Kirchner so we can include on our list.Send your favorite workouts, we are open to new suggestions. (The “Michigan” is up soon which is Doug Arndt’s all-time favorite.)There are 2 Diamond League meets to finish out the year – This Friday from Brussels (2 PM on Peacock) with the finals in Eugene, OR September 16th and 17th.If you love our sport and want to follow it on a deeper level consider subscribing to Track and Field News. There are paper and online options.
Tuesday Track | September 5, 2023
Weekly Updates & Club News
Welcome to our newest FMTC member, Ciaran Fisher (recruited by John Matthews)! FMTC Saturday A.M. Group Runs with Jay & Company leave from the F&M Track Parking lot at 7:00 AM. The distance is usually ~10 miles.Club discount! 10% off at Running Warehouse for FMTC members only. The promo code is FMTC1121.Represent FMTC! Purchase FMTC club apparel, such as branded singlets and short-sleeve running shirts at Squad Locker:  Team Locker.FYI – F&M College Men’s/Women’s X-C teams will be hosting the “Little 3” meet this Friday evening at  6 p.m. at Baker Field (F&M, Gettysburg, and Dickinson).Suggestions welcome!  If you have any club suggestions, comments, etc. for the club’s wellbeing, please reply directly to this email. We have a Board meeting this Thursday, September 7th.
 Franklin & Marshall College male runners in bright blue running singlets run towards the camera on a dirt road.An F&M track singlet hangs over a railing. In the background is a large stadium with a bright orange track.
(Left) F&M XC Men in action. (Right) FMTC at Hayward, home of this year’s Prefontaine Meet (9/16-17).

Runners stand on the track with their hands over their hearts. Text overlay says "Race Results."
Weekend Racing Results 

F &M Cross County Open 5K @ Baker Field
Bennett Wasch – 18:28, 11th overall (comeback race!)Photograph of a running track. The red track is visible but all other items in the background have been turned black and white so the track stands out.
Workout Options for Tuesday, September 5, 2023
Here are the suggested workouts for this week. Consider submitting your personal favorite workouts by replying to this email!  The morning group will be at the track ready to go by 6:30-7am and the evening group by 6 p.m.  Please check in with Ashley or Jeff if you get a workout done elsewhere and wish to be acknowledged. 

START:  2 to 3 easy miles warm-up  +  drills/ dynamic stretching  /  2 – 4 strides2000m – 2 min RI  / 3 x 1000m – 2 min RI / 6 x 400m 60 s RI 2x – 1600m (400 jog RI), 1200m ( 400m jog RI), 800m (200m jog RI)  400m (100m jog RI)  200m –  Take a full 400m jog or 3 min  recovery then REPEAT the ladder”Standard”:  3 x [4 x 400m with 60-sec RI], 3 min between setsFINISH:   4 x 100m strides,  25 push-ups,  1.6 mile Campus loopA group of runners all lined up and running at the camera.
SEPTEMBER 9:   Bird-in-Hand 1/2 Marathon 10:  Erie Marathon, Presque Isle State Park, Erie PA, PA (Dane and Jonas)16:  46th Pretzel Twist 5K, Lititz, PA16:  Clinic for Special Children 5K, Strasburg17:  Philadelphia Distance Run (1/2 Marathon) 23:  46th York White Rose 5-Miler 24:  Clarence DeMar Marathon, Keane, NH (Dan N)24:  Conestoga Trail Run 10-Miler24   BMW Berlin Marathon  (Gretchen, Brenda, Denise, Jay)30:  Hands-on House 1/2 Marathon30:  Strasburg 1/2 Marathon and 5K, 9:00 AMOCTOBER7 : Hartz PT Fall Blast 5K, Lititz, PA7:  Lititz 5K for Life28: Race to Remember 5K, 9:00 AM  Lititz, PAQUOTE OF THE WEEK
“Enjoying running exists on a spectrum between two points: loving to train and loving to compete. Some athletes thrive off the day-to-day monotony of time in the forest, the simplicity of an altitude camp, or the process of one-upping previous workouts. Then there are others who can’t stand any of that and only do it out of obligation between the occasional adrenaline shot straight to the heart that is racing.”

– Kyle Merber in The Lap Count – August 30, 2023SPRINTING INTO THE SPOTLIGHT
This Week’s Running ReadBowerman and the Men of Oregon by Kenny Moore (2006)

This book has been around for more than 15 years so many of our older members have probably read it. If not, I would certainly recommend it!  Written by former Oregon runner and Olympic marathoner Kenny Moore, the book chronicles the life and times of Coach Bill Bowerman. Bowerman built the legendary University of Oregon (U of O) track program and coached Steve Prefontaine and many other outstanding runners. Bowerman, along with Frank Shorter, is credited with starting the running boom (jogging craze?) of the early 1970s. Along with Phil Knight, Bowerman became one of the founders of Nike. Unfortunately, the book is out of print in hardback but used paperback copies can be purchased online.

Happy Reading!

P.S. Do you have a favorite running read that you’d like to recommend? Let me know by replying directly to this email!

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