August 29, 2023

Tuesday Cool Down
August 30, 2023
Another August of workouts is in the books (#15 if you are keeping track). We had a good showing by the AM group to start Track Tuesday.  Most did 6 x 1 mile repeats with a good push/pull from Erin
and Gavin.   I opted for the shorter 200/400 intervals and had some great pacing help from Chris.
An excellent turnout for the evening session (see below) with lots of hard work on and off the track. Group 2 did the miles as well on the Clayton loop. Who is that new fast group 3 that Wade is leading out !!
Good to see Doug back running after several months of injury. Devon was spotted working solo and quite hard.
All Sixpoint craft beers and 12/15 PBRs were consumed by the PM crew with a toast to the “Hood to Coast” guys and a Flagstaff sendoff for Nathan Henderson.
Kudos to Nathan for taking down 2 club records (1-mile track / 5K road) during his short tenure with FMTC. 
ALL 3 FMTC “Beccas” were at the track –   plus Baby Richter made her first post-track gathering (SEE BELOW), and she is looking forward to many stroller miles in the months to come.
photos courtesy of D. Nephin, LNP

A.M. Track  Addis, Bell,  Dubs,  Kirchner,  Newcomer M, Newcomer W,  Paul, and Seigford

P.M. Track
Arndt, Fife, Harper, Matula, McCurdy, Katie O, Petraco, Richter C and B + 1, Roselli, Simmons, Stolzfus +1 , Tagg, Otis, Bomberger, Dane Hillshir, Greenawalt, Henderson, Delia, Nephin, Smoker, Wallick, Noble,  McMillan J and D,  Smoker, Sollenberger A and B,  Soto, Kirchner,  Newcomer W, Lafferty, Hopkins (BACK!), Johnson B,  Zook,….lets us know if we missed you. Check-Ins
Charles (Montana), Wege (Colorado), Spataro (WVA), Longenecker (HTC), Roth (HTC), Gehman, Lachman (HTC/NJ)
SOME FMTC HOUSEKEEPINGA friendly reminder – you can always reply directly to club emails to pass along any questions, comments, or suggestions. Your Input and Feedback are welcome! If you have race results, please send them to Sarah and Jeff Kirchner by Sunday afternoon for inclusion in the week’s Tuesday Track email.If you have upcoming races, please send the locations /dates to Jeff Kirchner so we can include  on our list.Send your favorite workouts, we are open to new suggestions. (The Michigan is up soon)
Tuesday Track | August 29, 2023
Weekly Updates & Club News
It was a busy racing weekend with many of our members showing some great results including a few wins and a top 3 at Hood-to-Coast. (see below).  Congrats to Nathan Henderson who set a new FMTC road 5K record (14:22) with his win on Saturday at Ben and Tim’s. Unfortunately for us, Nathan will be moving to Flagstaff, AZ at the end of the month.Club discount! 10% off at Running Warehouse for FMTC members only. The promo code is FMTC1121.Represent FMTC! Purchase FMTC club apparel, such as branded singlets and short-sleeve running shirts at Team Locker.Suggestions welcome!  If you have any club suggestions, comments, etc. for the club’s wellbeing, please reply directly to this email. We have an upcoming Board meeting on September 7th and welcome input from members!
A white male with short brown hair and white female with brown hair in a ponytail stand in the foreground smiling. In the background is the World Championship Track in Budapest, Hungary.A white male with curly brown hair runs towards the camera at the mile finish in a race.
(Left) Sam and Alyssa from the World Championships. (Left) Nathan Henderson showing his grit and speed. 

Runners stand on the track with their hands over their hearts. Text overlay says "Race Results."Weekend Racing Results Ben and Tim’s 5K Hershey, PANathan Henderson- 14:22, 1st Overall; Club record!Chris Myers – 15:32, 4th Overall Andrew McNeil – 17:17, 1st MasterTommy Pearson – 17:11Tim Noble – 17:35Leah Maher – 20:34, 1st 30-39 AGHood to Coast Relay, Portland OR FMTC Men’s Open Team – 18:56:30, 3rd Division, 4th OverallAmos Herr Honey Run 5KDevon Soto – 1st OverallLaura Brenner – 1st FemaleTim Schuler – 1st 60-69 AG (still undefeated!)Becca BoergerWild Goose Chase 5K – Middlecreek, PAMark Oles 19:321st 40-49 AGWorld Half-Iron Man Championship, Lahti, FinlandDrew Nesbit – 4:17:53Hősök Futása 6K , Budapest, HungarySam Dever    22:48 Alyssa Dever 24:17 Photograph of a running track. The red track is visible but all other items in the background have been turned black and white so the track stands out.Workout Options for Tuesday, August 29, 2023
Here are the suggested workouts for this week. Consider submitting your personal favorite workouts by replying to this email!  The morning group will be at the track ready to go by 6:30-7:00 AM and the evening group by 6:00 PM. There will be water and PRBs for the evening runners. START:2 to 3 – mile warm-up  +  drills/ dynamic stretching  /  2 – 4 strides8 x [ 200m / 400m ] 200m jog RI after 200s; 100m after 400s4 x 1 mile @ 5K pace or slightly faster; 2 min RI”Standard”:  3 x [ 4 x 400m with 60-sec RI ]  3 min between setsFINISH:4 x 100m strides,  25 “Kelly” push-ups, 1.6-mile “Campus-loop”FMTC Saturday A.M. Group Runs with Jay & Company 
Leave from the F&M Track Parking lot at 7:00 AM (Distance usually ~10 miles.)A group of runners all lined up and running at the camera.
SEPTEMBER 9:   Bird-in-Hand 1/2 Marathon 16:  46th Pretzel Twist 5K, Lititz, PA16:  Clinic for Special Children 5K, Strasburg17:  Philadelphia Distance Run (1/2 Marathon) 23:  46th York White Rose 5-Miler 24:  Conestoga Trail Run 10-Miler24   BMW Berlin Marathon  (Gretchen, Brenda, Denise, Jay)30:  Hands-on House 1/2 Marathon30:  Strasburg 1/2 Marathon and 5K, 9:00 AMOCTOBER7 : Hartz PT Fall Blast 5K, Lititz, PA7:  Lititz 5K for Life28: Race to Remember 5K, 9:00 AM  Lititz, PAQUOTE OF THE WEEK
“Running helps us overcome those feelings of imposter syndrome, helping us embrace the slow, measured growth over long periods of time. Through running we learn that improvement takes time. There will be breakthrough moments that leave us hungry for more – but most of the time progress in running (like in life) is slow. We should learn to embrace and look forward to the process – rather than the outcome.” 

– Zoë Rom in Becoming a Sustainable Runner: A Guide to Running for Life, Community, and Planet SPRINTING INTO THE SPOTLIGHT
This Week’s Running ReadBecoming a Sustainable Runner: A Guide to Running for Life, Community, and Planet by Tina Muir and Zoe Roem is a new release that purports to be  “not just another running guide on developing the physical attributes to run faster or longer.” The authors discuss ways to combine your passion for running with attention to personal health, your community, and the environment. The book is divided into 3 sections: Sustain your runner’s mind; Sustain your runner’s community, and Sustain your running environment. I decided to download and read this week and would highly recommend it, especially if you are looking for a way to reframe your reasons for running and gain some new perspectives while on your running/life journey. 
Happy Reading!

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