July 11, 2023

Tuesday Track got off to a beautiful Summer morning start with Chris Addis arriving at the F&M oval somewhere around 5:30 AM.  Most of the morning group arrived by 6:30 and ran either the 5,4,3,2,1 minute ladder or the 800m Yassos.  Four x 1-mile repeats at threshold pace were nicely done by Sam and Caleb. Nathan skipped by for a few laps and said he will be “back tonight to double”.  

       The Trials of Miles has its  rewards
A.M. Track group –
 Addis, Charles, Kirchner, Mohler, Newcomer W, Paul,  Reissinger, Seigford, Spataro, Gerstebacher (pacing Caleb) , and Henderson  
P.M. Track group – thank Becca for the beer and Jason for the water of which 5 gallons were consumed…..here is Dan’s evening report….

Boben (wisely on the mend), Greg, “I’ll never have to endure students singing, “We don’t need no education,” again,” Cauller* (thanks for the beer – even if it wasn’t “the beer”), Casten,  Gehman, Dever Duo Fife,  Glick, Harper, Henderson,   Delia-Hickie (off to Mongolia for recon and fermented milk [it’s just yogurt! Think of it as Mongolian Truly!]),   Hodge, Kalinowski,  Luff,  MacNeill, Matthews,  Magnificent McMillans,  Moore, Myers,  Nephin, O’Regan,  Petraco, Richter Trio (new “album” droppin’ soon), Roselli,  Simmons,  Smoker,  Soto, Gretchen Stevenson, Stoltzfus,  Thorsen, Ubriaco…….…..But wait there’s more …Some new guys I caught up with on cooldown: Austin Horst (austinzhorst@gmail.com) & Dane Hilsher (dane.hilsher@gmail.com). Told them I suck at names but was taking attendance. Turns out, their origin story is  through Jonas, who’s been urging them to come. And words to the effect of Seeing all those F&M singlets “up front” at every race, we are tired of losing to them. 

Check ins :     Kleinhaus, Wege, Bell (CV), Dubs, Newcomer M,Wasch (MD), Tagg (IA),  Brenner (NH), Ignacio (Costa Rica), Schuler

Next Tuesday 7:00 – 9:00 PM
FMTC Post-Workout Gathering at CARTEL –
Pizza and Snacks will be provided
Join us even if you cannot attend the workout
Becca, Jeff, and Sarah will be hosting 

Running quote of the week:

“Listening to your body is not only a technique for monitoring your day-to-day condition but also one of running’s pleasures. Most members of our sedentary society feel remote from their bodies. Under the stress of running, the functions we don’t often talk about – belching, spitting, breaking wind, inevitably occur.  If these happen in the company of our running partners, no one takes notice.” 

― Jim F. Fixx., The Complete Book of Running 

FMTC  – News and Updates Updates 

  • Congrats to Dan Nephin and Mike Wege who have completed 10 consecutive Boston Marathons (2014-23) and are eligible for automatic early registration this Summer. Regular registration is from September 11th – 15th.  
  • We now have a club discount with Running Warehouse of 10% –  for FMTC members only. Our code is FMTC1121 
  •  You can orderFMTC club  apparel including two designs of our branded singlets and short-sleeve running shirts  – here is the link

Weekend Racing Results 

All Ephrata Fire-Cracker results were in the Wednesday  AM “Cool Down” and also in Thursday LNP Sports. No other races were reported. 

USATF 2023 Outdoor Championships, Eugene, OR.
 800m –    Bryce Hoppel 1:46.2 /  Nia Akins 1:59.5
 1500m –    Yared Nuguse 3:34  /  Nikki Hiltz 4:03
 5000m –    Abdihamid Nur 13:24 /   Elise Cranny 14:52
10,000m –   Woody Kinkaid 28:23 /  Elise Cranny 32:12


Workout Options for Tuesday, July 11th, 2023

The morning group will be at the track ready to go by 7:00 AM and back to regular  6:00 PM for the evening group.  Water and PBRs post work out as always are provided in the evening. 

  • START:    2 to 3 – mile warm-up    +   drills/ dynamic stretching  /  2-4 strides
  1.  6 to 8 x 800m – modified Yasso’s – go every 5 min./ sub 2:45  every 4 min 
  2.  2 x [1,2,3,4,5 minutes]  with a 2-min recovery jog for each  
  3. Standard:  3  [ 5 x 400m with 60-sec jog RI ]  3 min between sets
  • FINISH:  4 x 100m strides,  25 “Kelly” push-ups, 1.6-mile “Campus-loop”       

FMTC Saturday A.M. Group Runs – with Jay & Company 
  Leave from the F&M Track Parking lot at 7:00 AM –  usually ~ 10 miles. 

Racing Ahead  2023 (Send me your races)

July 19th –      Harrisburg Mile,  Harrisburg, PA. Heats start at 6 PM
August 4th –    Annual FMTC Beer Mile (tentative)
August 12th –  Ox Trot 5 Miler,  Bowmansville, PA. (tough course!)
August 19th –  Cedar Nation 5K, Lebanon PA
August 26th –  Ben and Tim’s 5K, Hershey, PA  (9:00 AM start)
Sept. 17th –     Philadelphia Distance Run 1/2 Marathon
Sept. 25th –      York White Rose 5-miler 

October 13-14th – Ragnar Relay:  Harrisburg to Philly (does someone want to organize a team?)

This week’s recommended running read:
The Complete Book of Running – Jim F. Fixx c. 1977

This is considered to be THE Book that really stimulated the running boom of the mid-1970s and although now a bit dated, is still worth looking at.  It is quite extensive in the depth of coverage and includes some cool charcoal drawings. Fixx is credited with helping start America’s fitness revolution by popularizing the sport of running and demonstrating its many health benefits.  Ironically, he died of a heart attack while running at age 52 but his father died of a heart disease at 43.

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