June 27, 2023

Track Tuesday got off to a great start with a solid crew arriving at about 6:30 AM and completing the 1 min on/off workout. Becca M was there at the start but headed to the Clayton loop, however Sarah who lives on the Clayton loop joined us on the track and had some of the new club singlets (Dubs, Kirchner). Carl  was back – Chris had patient duties at LGH.
To the evening and despite a day of storms, solid dedicated track attendance with a rare appearance by Bobby. Many of the evening crew were found to remnants of the F&M track on their legs and back reflecting the hard interval work done !!   Thanks to Jay for doing the attendance sheet and sharing his list with me. He also provided some cold PBRs and some “old” Miller Lites.  A surprising F&M Track walk-by from Julia Z (aka J-Zee) who was passing through town with Soren. 
Thanks as always to Jason Smoker for providing the water. 

 AM Track Crew –   Bell, Delia,  Dubs, Kirchner, Newcomer M, Newcomer, W, Newcomer, McCurdy, Mohler, Seigford,  Spataro, Verkouw

At PM track Crew:    Addis, Arndt, Boben, Bomberger,  Fife (fast haircut) Gerstenbacher, Glick, Hahn, Henderson, Delia (ran AM), Kirchner,  Leaman, Longenecker, Luff, Lyles, Matthews, Matula, McMillan D and J, Nephin Noble,  O’Regan,  Petraco, Potnuru,  Rissinger,  Simmons, Smoker, Soto, Stevenson,  Thorsen,  Ubriaco,  Zook, Zielinski (and Soren), Keith, AaronCheck in – Kleinhaus (Colorado College); Team Sollenberger,  Wege, McNeil (NH), Harper,  Wade/Nicole (moving)

GORDIE KRAFT TRACK MEET  – June 29th @ McCaskey HS Track ..see below
Please try to make it over to the McCaskey Track this THURSDAY to support the event and your FMTC Teammates. The running events start around 7 PM.  The marquee events are 
800m, 1 mile, and 5000m finish off the evening. 
Sam G is going for the 800 win (sub 1:55), Nathan for the mile win and CR (? sub 4:00), and Devon (sub 16:00) for the 5000 victory.
 Other competitors include Moore, Petraco, Dever, and…???
there is SAME-day registration. There are cash awards and bonuses and also club recorded bonuses (if in FMTC branded singlet)

Running quote of the week:  “Of all the gifts that running has given me, and there are way too many to list – the greatest is the ability to connect with people on a profoundly personal level”
Ben Cheever – Strides: Running Through  History with an Unlikely Athlete 

FMTC Updates / News

  • Due to Weather concerns, the LTC meet schedule for Tuesday at McCaskey HS has been changed to Thursday.  Still hoping many of you can still spectate and participate. Registration is from 5:00 – 5:45 and the events start at 6:00 PM. We are encouraging full club support – running or spectating. Wear your FMTC branded gear.
  •  You can order  FMTC club  apparel including 2 designs of our branded singlets and short-sleeve running shirts  – here is the link

Weekend Racing Results 

On the Rocks 50K Trail Race – York, PA
Joel Bomberger 5:13:01. 1st AG/ 2nd overall 
Joel looking great after running 50K and sporting the NEW FMTC singlet!

Workout Options for Tuesday, June 27th, 2023

 Track sessions are at  7:00 AM and 6:00 PM.  Optional coffee in the AM. Water (thanks Jason) and PBRs post-workout are provided in the PM.  

  • START:    2 to 3 – mile warm-up    +   drills/ dynamic stretching  /  2-4 strides
  1.  15 x 1 minutes On 5K pace / 1 minutes off easy jog  
  2.  10 X 500m with 90 sec RI (across the end zone)Race the   
  3. Standard: 3  [4 x 400m with 60 sec RI]  3 min between sets
  • FINISH:  4 x 100m strides,  25 “Kelly” push-ups, 1.6-mile “Campus-loop”       

FMTC Saturday A.M. Group Runs – with Jay and company 

  Leave from the F&M Track Parking lot at 7:00 AM –  usually ~ 10 miles. 

Racing Ahead  2023 (Send me your races)

June 27th – LTC All-Comers Meet #2  at McCaskey HS Track 
June 30th – Diamond League Meet in Lausanne, Switzerland (TV)
July 4th –  Ephrata Firecracker 5 Miler 
July 8th –   Abogar 1:27 Run 5K – East Berlin, PA –  
July 19th – Harrisburg Mile,  Harrisburg, PA. Heats start at 6 PM
August 26th – Ben and Tim’s 5K, Hershey, PA 
Sept. 25th –  York White Rose 5-miler 

Recommended Running Read  – “Strides – Running Through History With An Unlikely Athlete”
Ben Cheever – c 2007. Rodale Press.  This book chronicles the author’s (son of John Cheever) life as in running while offering some interesting historical facts about our sport. He includes personal stories of his running several marathons including New York, Boston; Médoc, France; and Baghdad. Certainly not one of top 10 books about running, but Cheever finishes with his list of 26.2 great books on running…and #1 is: “Once A Runner”. 

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