June 13, 2023

Sorry for the late report, today is the start of summer vacation for me and nearly forgot about the cool down.  Anyway, great night last evening, nearly ideal conditions led to great efforts.  Adam Moore went deep into the well and broke 10 for 2 miles with seconds to spare.  Thanks to Zach, Otis and Sam G for the excellent pacing.  Many in the morning and evening groups elected for the 1000s workout.  There were a few doing some 400s or shorter distances, another group added a 3-mile tempo between Ks.  MacNeil was sited doing laps in the grass just outside the fence between efforts on the track (recovery secret?).  Nick Lachman made an appearance from Jersey!  Sarah delivered the new singlets (see below), and the Blue Volvo was back where it belongs on Tuesday evenings. ALL beers including 18 PBRs and 12 New Trails IPAs were consumed (including the last double by Nate Tagg), 15 oatmeal raisin cookies, and most of the water courtesy of Jason. and lastly… welcome McCaskey and Syracuse grad and recent Red Rose winner  –  Nathan Henderson –  to FMTC !! We certainly welcome his speed.

HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY TO OTIS!  – sporting the new Singlet and enjoying a New Trails IPA. Is the age group ready for him? 

A.M. Crew –  Addis, Bell, Charles, Dubs, Kirchner, Seigford, W Newcomer, Clarke (Hempfield)

P.M. Crew –   Arndt, Sam G, Griffith,  Sarah, Hopkins, Cody K, Kirchner, Kleinhaus, Knaster, Lachman, MacNeil, Matthews, McCurdy, J McMillan, Moore, Nephin, W Newcomer, Noble, Katie O, Oles, Paul,  Petraco, T Rissinger, Simmons, Smoker, A Sollenberger, B Sollenberger, Stauffer, Stolzfus, Tagg, Thorsen, Otis, Wallick, Zook, Bomberger, Leaman, Henderson

Check-ins –  D McMillan, Mohler, M Newcomer (FL), Wege, Gehman (CO), Boben
Missed last week – hopefully, no one

June 20th – Post workout FMTC Meet up at Cartel Brewing from 7 – 9
June 27th – Gordie Kraft Track Meet at McCaskey HS Stadium

Running quote of the week:  ” It’s a treat, being a long-distance runner, out in the world by yourself with not a soul to make you bad-tempered or tell you what to do.”
–Alan Stilltoe, in Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

FMTC Updates / News

  • We welcome Bill Boben to the FMTC Board of Directors. 
  • June 20th – FMTC Post-workout gathering at Cartel Brewing on N. Prince St
  •  USATF Club XC Nationals will NOT be back at Lehigh this December but in Tallahassee, FL at the Florida State Course where we had two FMTC men’s teams race in 2021. There were financial issues regarding the repair of the Lehigh course after it was used in 2019.
  • The New FMTC branded singlets are IN – Sarah will have these at the track tomorrow night. If you did not order one you can order at the FMTC club store for apparel including singlets and short-sleeve running shirts  – here is the link
  • Lancaster Track Club will hold an open meet at McCaskey HS on June 27th that will feature an elite men’s and women’s mile. Registration is from 5:00 – 5:45 and the events start at 6:00 PM. 

Weekend Racing Results (send to Sarah and me)

No races reported 🙁

Workout Options for Tuesday, June 2nd, 2023

 Track sessions are at 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Optional coffee in the AM and water (thanks Jason) and PBRs post-workout are provided in the evening. I have “beer duty” this Tuesday, looking forward to seeing everyone, and plan to bring a few “real” beers. 

  • START:    2 to 3 – mile warm-up    +   drills/ dynamic stretching  /  2-4 strides
  1.  12 x 300m with 100m walk/recovery RI  run at your one-mile pace
  2.  6 x 1000m with 200m/ 2 min jog RI  – run at 5K pace 
  3. Standard: 3 or 4 x [4 x 400m with 60 sec RI] 3 min between sets
  • FINISH:  4 x 100m strides,  25 “Kelly” push-ups, 1.6-mile “Campus-loop”       

FMTC Saturday A.M. Group Runs – with Jay and company:  
  Leave from the F&M Track Parking lot at 7:00 AM –  usually ~ 10 miles. 

Racing Ahead  2023 (Send me your races)

June 18th – Smith’s Challenge 5-mile Trail Race @ Lancaster County Park
June 24th – Rotary Wheels and Wings 5K, Lititz, PA. 7:30 AM
June 27th – LTC All-Comers Meet #2  at McCaskey HS Track –
July 8th – Abogar 1:27 Run 5K – East Berlin, PA –  
July 19th – Harrisburg Mile,  Harrisburg, PA. 
August 26th – Ben and Tim’s 5K, Hershey, PA 

Recommended “Running Read”  another poem

Interview with a Winner – Donald Finkel 
What was it like ? …..like losing some bloody feet
blazing tendons…..Some sweet release
Melanchholia of exhaustion

What did you win? ….. a chance
For What?….to do it again….that wasn’t it either
What did you get ?

What’s left for you?….tomorrow’s race

Losing is worse

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