May 9, 2023

Despite many members being flush with cash thanks to the Turkey Hill Country Classic PBR was still the drink of choice post workout.  Not only was the winners payouts nice, but the half marathoners got insane value, as they only paid to run 13.1 miles and were given and extra 1.1 for free.  The optimist Cody eagerly pointed out this fact.  Many runners went off track to enjoy the spring blooms via blurry vision associated with elevated HR.  Clayton loop saw at least 2 groups, and River Rd. provided some elevation.  

AM Crew – Bell (CV), Charles, Kirchner, W Newcomer, Spataro (Berryville), Wege

PM Crew –  Arndt, B Boben, A Dever, Fife, Sam G, Griffith, Harper, Sarah Hi, Cody, K, Kleinhaus, Knaster, Luff, Matthews, Matula, J McMillan, Moore, Nephin, Noble, Katie O, Oles, Petraco, Poland, Roselli, Roth, Simmons, Smoker, A Sollenberger, B Sollenberger, Tagg, Thorsen, Otis, Welsh, T Rissinger, Matt Hahn (new guy)

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