May 2, 2023

We train because we know that our efforts will lead to improvement, sometimes the gains are small, identifiable only by those who understand the true value of a second, we know these improvements are measurable.  Judgement, opinion need not apply.

With that thought, we ran last night.  On the track we had groups doing 300s, 800s, 2 minutes, along with a few independent runners getting some good work in.  Off track there were mile and two mile repeats.
Sarah provided the cooler, Drew announced cash prizes from the Race against Racism, and distributed some CASH to Ryan for a club record marathon performance!!

AM Crew – Addis, Bell, Charles, Kirchner, Kleinhaus, Spataro, Wege

PM Crew –  Arndt, A Dever, S Dever, Bria, Fife, Harper, Sarah, S Horst, A Horst, Johnson, Knaster, Matthews, Matula, D McMillan, J McMillan, Moore, Nephin, Nesbitt, Noble, Katie O (no hills), Petraco, Poland, B Richter, Roth (cute bags), Smoker, A Sollenberger, B Sollenberger, Stolzfus, Tagg, Otis, Wallick, Zook, Gehman, T Rissinger

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