March 28, 2023

March went out like a lamb, while as runners we charge into April like lions.  The Boston taper is nearly upon us, and several runners I spoke with a feeling like twitchy racehorses being led to the corral.  Some great fast tune-up races this past week only seemed to further fuel the fire for the real thing!  The non-Boston crowd seemed much more at ease, and while working hard also, they could enjoy the evening’s effort.  Many runners did the 800s, while others went off track for miles and more (I took attendance by vehicle for a few of you).

A.M. Crew: Charles, Kirchner, Mohler, W Newcomer, Clarke (Hempfield),

P.M. Crew: Arndt, B Boben, Fife, Sam G, Griffith, Harper,  Knaster, Luff, Matthews, Matula, McCurdy/Boerger, D McMillan, J McMillan, Moore, Nephin (back stitches), Noble, Paul, Petraco, Potnuru, Pryor, B Richter, Roth, Simmons, A Sollenberger,  B Sollenberger, Stauffer, Stevenson, Stolzfus, Tagg, Wallick, Gehman, Rosselli, Kirchner (bike), Goodling and Stoudt (coaching)

Check-ins: Addis, A King, Kleinhaus, Spataro

Save the Date: The FMTC group run and gathering at Wildcat Ranch in Wrightsville will be Saturday April 22nd. Peter Barber will be hosting and partners / spouses are invited. More details to follow.

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