April 4, 2023

An amazingly early Spring beautiful evening last night, maybe a bit warm for pessimists among us, but I found it novel to sweat without being overdressed.  There were large numbers of small and scattered groups on the track, working on what appeared to be somewhat longer intervals. These included the 800/400/1600 ladder, 1Ks’, and Otis leading a group of five through some tempo 400s – all well done.  The pacing was strong and consistent with everyone working hard. The AM crew was on the Clayton loop for pre-Boston Mile repeats and some of the PM group were there as well with some fartlek work.  There was also return of the 1992 Blue Volvo from whose trunk the group put away 30 PBRs, 2 Sunny Little Things, and 1 Truly (Sarah) by night’s end. 

Most of you arrive with a plan but make sure your plan always has a purpose, and you know what that purpose is!

AM Crew: Kirchner, W Newcomer, Spataro, Wege

PM Crew: Arndt, Bell, B Boben, Bomberger,  Charles, Delia, A Dever, S Dever, Sam G, Gehman,  Griffith, Harper, Johnson, Kirchner, Kleinhaus, Knaster (newly engaged ), Luff,  Maher, Matthews, J McMillan, Mohler, Moore, Nephin (late from court), W Newcomer (thanks for the water), Noble, Paul, B Richter, Roselli, Roth, Simmons, A Sollenberger(attendance) + 2, B Sollenberger, Stauffer, Stolzfus, Tagg, Ubriaco (showing his ball-handling skills), Wasch, Wallick Leaman, and Lafferty (bike)…. and an early fly by from Ange and Sheldon.

Check-in: D. McMillan (TX)

FROM Jeff – Save these dates:

Sat. April 22nd – Post-Boston Gathering at Wildcat in Wrightsville
Sat. April 29th –  Race Against Racism –  Race or spectate
Sat.  June 3rd –   Red Rose Run –  Race or Volunteer (we need 10)
Sun. June 18th – FMTC Night of Miles –  Race or volunteer 

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