March 21, 2023

Spring has arrived and the runners responded.  A great turnout for both sessionsns on the track and the surrounding roads.  I felt a bit of extra excitement, as we waited for the college athletes to finish up.  Running fast brings out a certain youthful feeling, it’s nice to pretend that we “still got it”.  Runners did, 400s, Ks, miles, and recovery miles. Strides and Kelly push-ups were also seen.  A few got their work done on the Clayton loop.   Something for everyone. Boston looms! 

AM Crew: Addis, Bell, Kirchner, M. Newcomer W. Newcomer, Spataro, Clarke (Hempfield)
Coffee in the AM / Beer in the PM – you are allowed to double! 

PM Crew: B Boben, Caston, S Dever, Fife, Griffith, Harper, Cody K, Gehman, Kirchner, Kleinhaus, Knaster, Luff, Matthews, Matula, D McMillan, Nephin, Katie O, Oles, Paul, Petraco, Pick, Pryor, B Richter, Roth, Simmons, Smoker, A Sollenberger, B Sollenberger, Stevenson, Otis, Welsh(family walk), Zook,

Check-ins: Charles, McCurdy

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