March 13, 2023 (Tuesday preview)

Updates /News:

  • Per a communication from Tiffany Matula (Jeremy’s wife), there is a significant shortage of PIAA Officials for HS Track and Field. To become an official you only have to take a  1-time test and then attend four yearly chapter meetings. Per Tiffany, her chapter is “very friendly and willing to mentor and help out with needed gear”. By becoming a track and field official you are paid $90 per meet and may also officiate X-C meets in the fall.
    • See email from 3/13 for contact details
  • FMTC Board will meet on March 23rd.  PLEASE let the board know if you have thoughts, ideas, or suggestions for the 2023 Season
    • Board contacts:  Kirchner J, Delia, Matula, McMillan J, Nesbitt, Sollenberger, Richter B
  • Please update your USATF membership if you plan on competing for FMTC in 2023

FMTC – 2023 TIME TRIALS @ 5K/10K/21K
March 18th (Saturday)  – 13.1-mile time trial on the Columbia River Trail.
Please let Cody or Jay know if you want to participate. This can be a good Boston tune-up.

Weekend Racing  – FMTC dominance at Run-4-Luck! Some great racing by our teammates this weekend in School Lane Hills:

Meg Griffith (17:56) 1st female overall and Ryan Gehman (15:11) 1st male overall; 
Dan Pick (16:17) 2nd male overall;    Mark Oles (17:50) 1st 40-44 AG;
Brandi Sollenberger (21:08) 1st 30-39 AG;  Pat Lafferty (22:45)  3rd 60-69 AG

THANKS to Sarah for hosting the Post-Race Brunch at her home in School Lane Hills and Tellus gaterhing in the evening. Please consider attending the events - they are one of the benefits of your club dues :) 

Workout Options for March 14, 2023.
Below are workout options for Tuesday. The weather could be a bit ugly. Track sessions are at 7:30 AM and 6:00 PM.  Chris, Ken, Walt, and I will be there in the morning.  Jay, Jeremy, and Scott are our “point” people for the PM. 

  • START:    2 to 3 – mile  easy warm-up    +   drills  /  2-4 strides
  1.  SHORT: (“ART”) 200H/E, 400H/E, 600H/E, 800 H/E/H/E, 600H/E, 400H/E, 200H/E   (cut out 2nd 800s set to shorten)
  2.  LONG:      4 –  6 x 1 mile.  with 3 min RI  (run these at your 10K pace)
  3. Furman Pre-Race Standard:   6 x 400m @ 10K pace with 400m easy RI (12 total)
  • FINISH:   4  x 100m strides,   25 “Kelly” push-ups,  1.6-mile “Campus-loop” cool down     

FMTC Weekend Group Run:   
Saturdays at the F & M College Parking Lot – @ 7:00 AM – 10+ miles with Jay and others – we would like to see this expand to 2 groups for the Spring. We need a 2nd leader… let Jeff know if you want to take this on. 

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