January 3, 2023

All runners enjoyed a damp April night in January to kick off the new year.  Lots of quality work being completed in preparation for some good upcoming racing.  Group 1 completed some wicked fast 400s.  Mile repeats occurred during the morning and I believe there were some 2 mile reps done in the evening.  Katie ran a ladder, Petraco fine tuned with some short hill reps, and those gearing up for Boston are beginning their preparations.  Hopes and dreams are in the air.

Which brings to mind the importance of belief – before you achieve greatness, you must believe it to be possible.  Believe in your goals and your training, strengthen that thought just like you strengthen a muscle.

Enough chatter… on the track:

AM – Addis, Clarke (Hempfield), Kirchner (splits), M. Newcomer, Spataro

PM – Arndt, Fife, Gelb, Glick, Sarah (early), Cody K, Kirchner (good to see the Volvo), Knaster, Lachman, Luff, Matthews, D. McMillan, J. McMillan, Nephin, Katie O, Paul, Petraco, Pryor (I think), Roth, Simmons, Smoker, A. Sollenberger, B. Sollenberger, Stauffer, Stolzfus, Otis, Wallick, Zook, Bomberger

Check-in – Kleinhaus, C. Richter

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