February 21, 2023

Good morning runners!  Last night was a return to normal Tuesday track – Fast people working to get faster.  The track featured a nice variety of rather small groups doing their thing, while the marathoners were out in school lane hills for yet more mile repeats, while the morning group completed some 1 and 2k reps.  

The birds are chirping and spring is just around the corner – fitness is beginning to sharpen and some ‘A’ races should be appearing on the schedule soon – stay focused!

AM Crew – Addis, Bell, Charles, W. Newcomer, C. Richter, Coach Stoudt, Kirchner (Florida), M. Newcomer (Florida) 

PM Crew –  B Boben, Bria, Caston, Gelb, Sam G, Harper, Sarah H, Knaster, Luff, Matthews, McCurdy, D McMillan, J McMillan, C Myers, Nephin, Petraco, Potnuru, Smoker, A Sollenberger, Stevenson, Stolzfus, Tagg, Otis, Anthony, Zook Bomberger, Anthony, Gehman, Gatchell

Check in – (workouts done) Kleinhaus

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