December 6, 2022

A beautiful fast night on the track.  The morning runners did the 15 x 1 min, which didn’t seem popular with the evening runners.  There was a Yasso group, along with 4 min on 2 min jog.  Some tempo was run over in School Lane hills as well.  While there wasn’t enough rain to recreate swimming in the steeple pool, everyone’s shoes are stuffed with newspaper this morning.  

Denise stepped up with the cooler so refreshments were available to all interested.  With one week to go until the Holiday WOW, as long as you are getting more miles then Christmas cookies your training is probably doing just fine. (note the sarcasm as we should never tolerate such a low bar – what is the correct ratio 10 miles – 1 cookie?)

AM – Addis, Bell, Charles, Clarke (Hempfield), Kirchner (Florida), Nephin, M Newcomer (NY), W. Newcomer (sick), B Sollenberger (Hempfield), Spataro

PM – S Dever, Brent E, Sam G, Cody, Knaster, MacNeil, Matthews, Matula, McCurdy, D. McMillan, J. McMillan, Noble, Katie O, Paul, Petraco, C. Richter, Roth, Simmons, Smoker, A. Sollenberger, Stevenson, Tagg, Otis, Wallick, Bomberger, Anthony, Dellas

Check in – Harper, Kleinhaus (4 1/2 marathons in 4 days in 4 states – rest deserved and surely some stories to tell)

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