December 13, 2022 (Holiday WOW)

Holy Honey Stinger – another WOW is in the books.  I really enjoy a group run to start, there is something oddly inspiring about being in the midst of large pack of runners out trotting and chatting as if relaxing by the pool.  As I retrieved fresh clothes from my car, I remembered what an odd bunch we are, as many runners zig zagged around the parking lot in an apparent attempt to finish the run with even mileage.

I don’t have attendance to report, as I’ve not run enough miles lately to keep track of everyone last night.  I’m requesting name tags next year.  If you were there, you know it and had fun, if not you were missed and missed out.  Better late then never as a few runners showed up long after announcements but we’re greeted warmly.

Two well deserved runners received the coveted runner’s of the year award last night.  Congratulations to Mimi Newcomer, and Jay McMillan, a well earned honor.

Some statements you surely didn’t hear last night…

– A sub 3 hour marathon, what’s the big deal?

– I’m hoping to run a bit less next year, I need better life balance.

– It was a good year, I ran less then 1,000 miles.

– My GPS isn’t that accurate, I just run my loops and write down the distance I know them to be.

– The loop tonight was 3.8, I was told it would be 4, but its fine.

Thoughts to ponder for the next year…

– What is one change you can make to improve your training / racing for 2023.

– How will you implement that change?

– How does your presence in the club make other runners better?

– Outside of Tuesday nights, how do you interact with the club, can you be more involved?

– Outside of your training group who can you connect with to strength the web?

That’s enough for today, I have a job after all.  If you feel compelled to respond to any of the thoughts to ponder, feel free to respond to me, as I’d be interested to hear others thoughts.  Enjoy your day.

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