November 8, 2022

A great night on the track, runners glided in the post eclipse glow of the full moon. Many elected to run 1ks, miles, or 2 mile repeats, and there were some nice big packs working together to share the effort burden.  

Find yourself a compatible group, take a turn at the front to feel the effort then latch onto the back and be pulled along by the group – stronger together then alone!

AM Crew – Addis, Clarke (hempfield), Hodge, Kirchner, Kleinhaus, Nephin, W. Newcomer, Spataro, Wege

PM Group – Arndt, B. Boben, A Dever, S Dever, Frymyer, Garland, Sam G, Glick, Sarah, Johnson, Cody K, Knaster, Lachman, Luff, Maher, Matthews, Matula, McCurdy, D Newbitt, Noble, Katio O, Petraco, Poland, Potnuru, B Richter, Roth, Simmons, A Sollenberger, B Sollenberger, Tagg, Ubriaco, Wallick, Zook, Bomberger, Caleb,

Check in – Charles, Harper, Moore, M Newcomer, Thorsen

Hopefully all the Clayton people were back before I left, send me a note if I missed you. 

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