November 1, 2022

First night of November felt more like late summer. Lots of runners looking fit and fast tonight. Adam Moore arrived a bit late and treated everyone to a metronome like show of strength as he ticked off laps while we downed PBR. Speaking of visual refreshment, I forgot to take pictures, my bad. Tracy made a brief appearance bearing the cooler, pretzels, and some left over Honey stinger. All were appreciative. Not to be out done, Scott also brought a cooler, and his efforts were noted as well.

A quick note on your mental fitness – make sure you are having fun out there, enjoy the burn of a hard effort knowing it is strengthening you for the miles ahead.

Many stuck to the workouts tonight with 300s or 800s.  A few miles on the Clayton loop as expected.

AM Group – Bell, Geissinger(Arizona), Clarke (Hempfield), Kirchner, Kleinhaus, W. Newcomer, B Sollenberger (Hempfield), Spataro, Wege

PM Group – Arndt, S. Dever, Brent, Bria, Garland, Sam G, Glick, Tracy (refreshments), Caleb (not listed), Sarah, Hodge, Cody K, Knaster, Lachman (Tom Selleck), Luff, Maher, Matthews, Moore, Myers, Nephin, Nesbitt, Noble, Katie O, Gavin, Petraco, Potnuru, C. Richter, Roth, Simmons, A. Sollenberger, Jonas, Tagg, Ubriaco, Wallick, Zook, Blatt, Bomberger (paid up new member! email needed)

Check in – Addis, Harper, McCurdy (come back), M. Newcomer (florida), Stevenson 

Check the website and Jeff’s email for upcoming events and races.

Have a great week!

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