September 13, 2022

This will be the LAST official wrap-up of the year for several reasons, including my time availability. If someone wishes to take this over PLEASE let me know. 

A significant number of our members (50*+ so far) have taken advantage of the generous DONATION of products from Honey Stinger. A big thanks to running spouse Tracy who “processed”, put together, and delivered many of these orders.

Based on their offer to FMTC, this can be a sustainable partnership with Honey Stinger for the next three years  – however, it will be an FMTC Board decision as to whether we will want to do so. If you did not submit a request for FREE products, we still have about 20% of the original supply sent to us although a few of the products/ flavors have been fully distributed. So, please do so. For those who have gotten HS products, please remember to “promote” them (along with FMTC – e.g. Wear our singlet !) whenever you can. 

A continued THANK YOU to Jason  Smoker who has provided water for workouts through this year and Scott Roth who picked up the PBR duty this week. Jay, Dan, Scott, and I will handle this through December.


AM: Barber, Maher, Rowe, Kleinhaus, Bell, Kirchner, Newcomer R, Newcomer W, Spataro

PM: Arndt, Delia, Caston, Dever A, Dever S, Edwards, Foerster, Gerstenbacher, Glick, Harriger, Hodge, Johnson, Luff, Matthews, Moore, Nephin, Noble, O’Regan, Roth, Smoker, Tagg, Ubriaco, Lachman, Wallick, Noble, Kalinowski, Zook, Simmons, Knaster, Wasch, Potnuru, Soto (Etown XC), and Petraco (new lawn mower)

Check-ins: Sollenberger B, Clark, Addis (ME), Alter (CX), Geissinger (OR), Charles (MT), Weida, Wege (CO), McMillan S, McMillan J, McCurdy (injury)

RACING AHEAD – also see FMTC Club Calendar. Please send your results/photos to Sarah and Jeff)

9/11/22  Mainline 5K in Wayne, PA

9/18/22  USATF Masters 12K, Highlands, NJ. (Mimi, Will)

9/18/22  Philadelphia Distance Run Half Marathon (Sam G)

10/1/22  Hartz Fall Blast 5K, Lititz

10/9/22  Chicago Marathon (Denise, Jay)

SAVE the Dates:

October 22: FMTC Saturday Group Run Event

December 13: FMTC Holiday WOW at Reology Studios

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