July 12, 2022

HAPPY Birthday to Scott Roth – one year to go before he becomes a “MASTER” and continues to hit PRs. Some are not afraid of getting old including Scott and Ritz!

A brief wrap-up this week as our focus is putting together the final pieces of our “Night of Miles” which will take place tomorrow night at the F & M Track.

If you are racing – try to get there by 5:30 to pick up your bib, acknowledge heat and race time and of course warm-up. At this point the OPEN heats are filled but depending on numbers we may be able to add heats with the timing company. We do need HS runners. Even if you are NOT racing or NOT volunteering come to the track and support our event! 

Overall a light track morning and night – many did the 8 x 100m to prep for tomorrow night’s miles. Phil and I did some good 2-mile track tempo work as I prep for Beach to Beacon. Thanks to Dan for bringing back the cooler with ALL PBRs consumed. Duncan “practiced” for his upcoming beer mile with 4 cans of La Croix seltzer but I am not sure that went very well. A few of the group 1 guys I did not see but will get STRAVA credit. Kudos and a special beer for Chris Myers for quickly identifying – John Walker, Filbert Bayi, and Rod Dixon from the photo I sent out on Monday. Welcome to new FMTC member Brian Delany (4:16 mile PR) who will be racing tomorrow night in the ELITE heat.


AM: Bell, Charles, Kirchner, Newcomer W, Newcomer M, Garland

PM: Addis, Boben, Foley (back!), Delany, Gerstenbacher, Glick, Hopkins, Kirchner, Kleinhaus, Matthews, Matula, O’Regan, McCurdy (Boerger), Roth, Paul, Schultheis, Smoker, Tagg?, Thorson, Wasch, and Wallick.

Strava spotted: Luff, Lachman, Simmons, Ubriaco

Check-ins: McMillans J/D, Sollenbergers A/B, Richters B/C (CO), Soto, Delia (NY), Geissinger (OR), Seigford, Griffith, Weida, Barber (AM), Devers A/S, Stevenson, Wege (CO)


  • July 14: FMTC 3rd “Night of Miles” races (F & M Track ) 6 PM
  • July 16: 8 AM Petraco Wedding Run from the Marriott
  • July 28: 13th FMTC Beer Mile
  • August 20: Cedar Nation 5K, Lebanon, PA (rail trail)
  • August 21: Falmouth Road Race, Falmouth, MA (must do)
  • September 25: 44th York White Rose 5-miler (FMTC discount available)

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