July 5, 2022

Four of us got “Track Tuesday” started at 7:30, doing the “Art Morris” 3 x 800m-pre-mile workout with solid splits by Ken, Mark, and Will. A good PM turnout of 30+ runners (despite the holiday week) including some of the Lititz contingent – Tommy and Tom. Most impressive visually – the 300s by Anthony and Jonathan. A track “pass” is given for those who raced Monday at the Ephrata Firecracker 5-miler (Times in LNP on Tuesday). FMTC had 6/10 top men including a podium spot by Nate Alter (25:41) and 60-69 AG wins by Mimi Newcomer and Glenn Mohler. Thanks to Adam and Ben who were not afraid to add their names to the Elite field of our mile race for next week. Only 15/30 PBRs consumed (time to phase out?) and as always thanks to Jason for the water!  

If you are interested, there will be a 2nd workout this Friday at 7:30 AM at the F and M Track: 

8 x 400m with 1:40 RI – this is the 2nd pre-mile workout before next week’s race. 

If you plan on racing at our “Night of Miles” night July 14th – Please sign up so can get an idea of how many runners we will have and volunteers needed. Online or paper applications (mailed) are ok. Please sign BOTH SIDES of the application and invite your non-FMTC running friends. Look for a volunteer sign-up list later today. Even if you are not going to race or help, consider coming and supporting your teammates and our club event.


AM: Bell, Charles, Kirchner, Seigford, Roth (Catskills), Kleinhaus (check in)

PM: Arndt, Charles, Edwards + 1, Foerster, Gerstenbacher, Delia, Glick, Griffith, Johnson, Hodge, Hopkins, Kirchner, Knaster, Lachman, Maher, Matthews, Matula, O’Regan, McCurdy (Boerger), McMillan D, Moore, Myers D, Natasha (new), Newcomer W, Paul, Pearson T, Petraco, Peterson, Richter B, Schultheis, Smoker, Soto, Stoltzfus, Wallick, Zook…

Check-ins: Addis, Fife, Kalinowski (Wyoming), McMillan J, Geissinger (OR), Barber (AM), Wasch, Devers (Wildwood), Stevenson, Wege (CO)


  • July 14: FMTC 3rd “Night of Miles” races (F & M Track) 6 PM
  • July 28: 13th FMTC Beer Mile
  • August 20: Cedar Nation 5K, Lebanon, PA (rail trail)
  • September 25: 44th York White Rose 5-miler (FMTC discount available)

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