June 28, 2022

A great end to June for Tuesday track practice – including a perfect 60* for those who got out early. First Kudos go to Evan Kleinhaus who checked in Monday PM from Las Vegas, NV where he did the 12 x 400m workout at a temperature of 103*F. Will and Mimi kept the A.M. workout group going along with the newest FMTC member Mark Seigford. Others labored at their closest HS track. I stopped by briefly in the P.M. for quick perusal and attendance count – and hopefully did not miss too many of our runners. Nick & Tom were doing a “spicy” 8-mile tempo, Scott was pushing yet again with a long-hard workout and closing with a 28.8 for his last 200m. Elsewhere on the track, Mark Oles was lamenting about “the pain and truth” of the evening while chasing Jay. Bennett was completing a modest 5 x 1K as part of his XC build up – while Brian and Adam took on and hammered a 4 x (800400/200) workout. Dan said he was a late arrival and brought the new blue tooth music toy to try out… not sure what the first song was except NOT Dave Matthews. Assume Jay and Denise had the PBRs and Jason the water.   If you are not part of the FMTC STRAVA GROUP and would like to be – Sam Dever and Sarah Delia are now the administrators so, please check with them to get access.

I am encouraging ALL of our members to consider participating/volunteering at our “Night of Miles” event on July 14th – Please sign up so we can start to get an idea of how many runners we will have. Online or paper applications (mailed) are ok. Please sign BOTH SIDES of the application. Invite your friends, enemies, and competitors. The BIBS are in – who wants to be the #1 seed?


AM: Kleinhaus (NV), Bell, Charles, Newcomer M, Seigford,  Kirchner J, Newcomer (Manheim Central), Weida (Warwick), Barber (STRAVA), Stauffer (Ephrata)

PM: Arndt, Caston, Delia, Foester, Glick, Kalinowski, Knaster, Lachman, Luff, Matula, O’Regan, Oles, Nephin, McMillan D, McMillan J, MacNeil, Matthews, Miller (I think), Mohler, Moore, Newcomer W, Petraco, Poland, Richter C, Roth, Schultheis, Smoker, Soto, Stoltzfus, Tagg, Thorson, Wallick, Wasch, Zook… let me know if I missed you.

Check-ins: Addis, Boben (NH), Griffith, Dubs, Garland, Hodge, Wege (CO), Geissinger (OR), Myers (NJ)


  • July 4th: Ephrata Firecracker 5 miler – hoping for a good FMTC turnout and at least one win!
  • July 14: FMTC 3rd “Night of Miles” races (F & M Track ) 6 PM
  • July 28: 13th FMTC Beer Mile – Becca Richter and Adam Moore are race directors 
  • August 20: Cedar Nation 5K, Lebanon, PA (rail trail)
  • Sept 24: York White Rose 5 Miler (FMTC discount after July 1)

*** Please send me any upcoming races you will be doing and/or want added to our list / club calendar

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