May 24, 2022

A nearly perfect weather day = no excuses Tuesday at the F & M Track. Our A.M. group got things started at 8:00 with the 8 x 1000m workout boosted by some good pacing by Phil and Walter. We kept Dan at LT pace as he tapers for the Burlington Marathon with Andrew M this weekend. Major kudos to Evan who took on the longer NAZ-Elite workout of 8+ miles that I had posted.

Jay handled evening attendance and PRB duties last PM (only 20 downed). Hopefully no one was missed. Based only on STRAVA perusal and his report: 2 big groups, one from Group 2 and one from Group 3 all kicked butt on those 1000s. 7 did the 5k TT including pacers. Others ran 400s/200s.

Adam Moore in his quest to break 16 for 5K – came up a bit short at 16:14 but certainly a very solid effort – he will do this sometime this Summer!

PBR consumption was rather meager at only 20 but I guess this will help sustain our inventory. Jason will also start bringing the water cooler next week – and we will also do a Justin Geissinger heading to Oregon send-off next Tuesday to close out May.

Entry forms for our  “Night of Miles” to be held on July 14th are now on the Pretzel City Web site if you want to sign up. We will also need volunteers.


AM: Charles, Garland, Kirchner, Nephin Newcomer W, Wege, Kleinhaus

PM: Arndt, Boben, Charles, Newcomer W, Dever A, Dever S, Foester, Harriger, Delia, Frymer, Glick, Hodge, Hopkins (BACK!), Johnson, Lachman, Kalinowski, Kerod, King A, Luff, Maher, Matthews, Matula, Mohler, Moore, Oles, O’Regan, Myers, Paul, Poland, Pryor, Sollenberger A, Richter B, Richter C, Roth, Simmons, McMillan D, McMillan J, Petraco, Gelb, Thorsen, Wallick, Smoker Stoltzfus, and “new guy Dan” (not Pick, not Nephin)??

Check ins: Addis, Fife, Griffith, Bell, Foley, Pick, Newcomer M, Moebius H 


  • May 30th– Main Street Mile, Yardly PA (USATF road series)
  • June 4th – Scott Coffee 8K Moorestown, NJ (USATF road series)
  • June 4th – 45th Red Rose Run (who wants the win – Georganne and Chris?)
  • June 4th – Lachman Pre-Wedding Run Hartford, CT
  • July 14th – FMTC 3rd “Night of Miles” races (F & M Track ) 6 PM
  • July 28th – 13th FMTC Beer Mile

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