June 7, 2022

Our morning group of 5 runners got Track Tuesday started with a solid group effort in completing the 10 x 500m workout (average age 65.2 years, average pace ~6:40). Yes, we are getting older but still working hard and despite her 11-day layoff – strong running by Mimi on the track. Some warm rain and wind greeted the PM runners. Glad to see many did the 10-minute on/off workout I posted which is harder than it looks if you want to hold pace. Scott Roth was running 200s and kicking so hard that remnants of the F&M track were found on his back. Leah is trying to figure out if rest days help you race better – I think they do. Duncan, who wants to become an ultra runner was showing his McCaskey/Dickinson speed hitting 68s for his last 400!  And as is not infrequently the case – Bill Fife was late to the track but was getting the workout done solo while most of our cars were leaving the parking lot with the evening coming to a close. 

Chris was having an existential crisis during his run and hopefully is better today. Which Myers brother is the faster miler ?? – 1500 times don’t count. THANKS Jay for the PBRs and Jason for the water duty. And thanks Brian for the four Tree House IPAs – #1 was enjoyed last night and they are as good as reported.  

Paper application or online sign-up is now available for our “Night of Miles” race on July 14th. Please sign BOTH SIDES of the application and YES –  NON-FMTC racers are invited, which several of you asked me last PM – invite your rivals from York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Elizabethtown, Philadelphia, Flagstaff, and Eugene!


AM: Charles, Garland, Kirchner, Newcomer M, Newcomer W

PM: Dever S, Gerstenbacher, Harriger, Delia, Fife, Hodge, Hopkins, Kirchner J, Knaster, Maher, Matthews, Moore, O’Regan, Myers C, Myers D, Nephin, Petraco, Poland, Pryor, Sollenberger A, Roth, MacNeil, McMillan D, McMillan J, Paul, Gelb, Gerstenbacher, Thorsen, Wallick, Smoker, Stauffer, Stoltzfus, Tagg, Matthew (new), Becca McCurdy (new), UBRIACO, Dissinger… and let me know if I missed you.

Check-ins: Addis, Wege, Lachman

  • Tuesday, June 21st – FMTC Summer Solstice WOW @ Cartel Brewing  (not the Elks – I have confirmed with the primary owner in person they will be open for us from 6:30 until 9:00.  Food will be provided! spouses/partners (not pets) invited


  • June 11th – Solanco Track & XC One-hour distance challenge (See Jay)
  • June 16th – 3rd Thirsty Thursday 5K, Reading PA
  • June 19th – Smith’s Challenge Trail Race, Lancaster County Park
  • June 25th – Wheels and Wings Festival 5K Lititz, PA
  • July 14th – FMTC 3rd “Night of Miles” races (F&M Track ) 6 PM
  • July 28th – 13th FMTC Beer Mile

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