June 14, 2022

Track Tuesday started soon after the rain ended in the morning with Walt, Mimi, and I working together well to complete 13 on / 12 off x 1-minute workout. The evening session (N~ 40+) was much hotter but well-attended and Walt came back to double with the Yasso 800s. A strong contingent of the FMTC women led by Alyssa, Sarah, and Leah were all working well together on the track.  A few new runners brought on by Mark and Jon also joined in the sweat and fun and we had an appearance by one of our new members – Devon Soto (Elizabethtown College runner).

Some special beers were awarded to Sam G (“SAM” beer), Becca (German Tri-beer), and Nick (Married double IPA) – and with that being said only 26/30 PBRs were consumed including 3 by Dan, 2 by me, and 1 take-home by Becca. 

Brian was post-bachelor party and decidedly on the wagon  but still looked strong on the track 4 x (300/200/100) showing a “Touch of speed” with Drew and Sam (“Girl, you look so good, it’s to die for”).

If the PBR consumption remains poor, we will need to make some budget adjustments or maybe bring back Cauller, Gagliardi, and Sponaugel back… And finally, a weekly thanks to Jason for providing the much-needed water.

If you plan on racing at our “Night of Miles” night on July 14th please sign up soon so we can start to get an idea of how many runners we will have. Online or paper applications (mailed) are both OK. Please sign BOTH SIDES of the application and invite and Non-FMTC runners who you think may be interested. 


AM: Kirchner, Newcomer M, Newcomer W, Weida (Warwick), Roth (L-S)

PM: Addis, Arndt, Bell, Caston, Dever A, Dever S, Edwards, Garland, Gelb, Glick + 1, Gerstenbacher, Griffith, Delia, Kirchner J,  Knaster,  Lachman, Maher, Matthews, Matula,  O’Regan, Myers C, Nephin, Nesbit, Noble,  McMillan J, McCurdy, Miller, Newcomer W, Oles +1, Petraco, Pryor, Richter B and C (bikes), Simmons, Smoker, Soto, Stauffer, Stoltzfus Thorsen, Wallick, Wasch, Zook

Check-ins: Mohler and Harriger (STRAVA), Charles, Wege

  • Tuesday, June 21st –  FMTC Summer Solstice WOW @ Cartel Brewing  (not the Elks) – I have confirmed with the owner that they will be open for us from 6:30 until 9:00.  Partners/spouses are Invited and food will be provided!


  • June 16th – 3rd Thirsty Thursday 5K , Reading PA
  • June 19th – Smith’s Challenge Trail Race, Lancaster County Park
  • June 25th – Wheels and Wings Festival 5K Lititz, PA. (Jay sub 17?)
  • July 14th – FMTC 3rd “Night of Miles” races (F & M Track ) 6 PM. –  please sign up 
  • July 16th – Brian’s Pre-Nuptial AM Run (details pending)
  • July 28th – 13th FMTC Beer Mile

Thursday, June 16th – Diamond League Bislet Games from Oslo, Norway are today from 2-4 PM

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