March 29, 2022

A cold and rather windy Tuesday night on our “home track” but not enough to deter 40 or so for track practice. Most of us did the 1000m repeats but a few took on the long “Art 8K workout” ladder. The group 1 guys were hitting some shorter faster intervals and I think Scott is now influenza-cured. The weather limited PBR consumption to about 18/30 but they will not go to waste. Hoping the Fridge crew did not make it too late of a night with no negative impact on their respective Boston training schedules. Welcome back, Amos and Elam. I may have missed a few of you last evening with quick departures post-workout, so let me know and I will add you to the book. 

There will be some serious racing this weekend with at least four of our FMTC members racing the iconic “Cherry Blossom 10-miler” in D.C. (*Georganne sub-60?/ Mimi AG top 3 ?) and Sam G will be hitting the track for 5000m at Princeton hoping for 14:20 or better (CR is 14:25). Remember to email weekend race times to Sarah and me. Meg and Denise – great racing at Garden Spot but you look like you are having too much fun… but so do Peter, Leo, and I in 2010 on the 26.2 course – until the wind did 2 of us in! 

If you have invited NEW runners to join us at the track (and they decide to stay) please encourage dues submission to Jeremy and I will add them to our list-serve. -Jeff


AM: Kirchner, Kleinhaus

PM: Addis, Arndt, Fife, Gerstenbacher (spotted late), Goodling (coaching), Griffith, Harriger Hickie-Delia, Hodge, King A (back from FLA), King E,  Kirchner (double), Lachman, Luff, Matthews (new singlet!), McMillan D, McMillan J, Miller,  Mohler (Cocalico), Nephin (ham),  Newcomer M, Newcomer, Oles (go Cats!), O’Regan, Mark, Paul G, Poland, Richter B, Richter C, Roth, Simmons, Sollenberger A, Sollenberger B, Stauffer, Stoudt (coaching) Watson, Weida, Zook

Away: Charles (MT), Barber (FL), Brenner (FL), Matula, Dubs, Petraco (later), Maher (early)

Racing ahead:

  • April 9: Delaware Mile Challenge @ Tatnall School Track Wilmington, DE ($$$)
  • April 18: 126th BOSTON Marathon. (~10 + from the club are in)
  • April 30: 24th Race Against Racism (we want an FMTC winner this year)
  • May 1: 42nd Broad Street 10-mile run  (USATF team in place) – CONTACT Jay if you need a race entry
  • June 2: 45th Red Rose Run (Lancaster and Connecticut)

Club events:  

Wednesday, April 6th – Running Strength Training session at Lancaster Y

Tuesday, April 26 – Post-Boston Celebration at Cartel Brewing after practice

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