March 22, 2022

A beautiful first Tuesday night of Spring on the F and M track last evening highlighted by some running music that persisted even after the Franklin & Marshall girls and guys finished their afternoon practice – adding to a great running atmosphere. A suggestion was made to add this as part of our Tuesday night track rituals so the Board can certainly take this under consideration. After some additional discussion yesterday we will also keep an AM group as an option for some of you as we head into the (hopefully) warmer weather – longer days and changes in work schedules.

Many of our runners (21 by my quick count) were being paced through the Yasso 800s (thanks Bart) by Jay and Sam. Walter and I doubled back from the AM to work with Doug through his 800s. Brian and Nick were pounding out some quick 70sec 400s, Georganne was in the zone with her quick intervals from my perspective, and Scott was aggressively ridding his lungs of Influenza A. In April we can re-start chocolate milk and water, but for now, post-workout fluids will be limited to our standard PBRs. Thanks to a few take-homes last evening (Sam, Otis) all 30 were gone by the time I called it a night and headed home. Please make a point to welcome new runners to the club!  It seems like injuries are starting to plague a few of our runners so keep up the strength and cross-training / possibly consult one of the club PTs. Finally, WELCOME Reagan Jeanette (daughter of Emma Rissinger) as a new member of the FMTC.


AM: Garland, Kirchner, Maher, Newcomer M, Newcomer W, Kleinhaus

PM:  Arndt, Bell, Dever S, Fife, Gerstenbacher (spotted late), Goodling (coaching), Griffith, Harriger (back/FMTC hat!), Hickie-Delia, Hodge (at), Kalinowski, Kirchner (double), Lachman, Luff, McMillan D, McMillan J, Mohler, Nephin, Newcomer W (14 x 800), O’Regan, Andy, Mark, Paul G, Petraco, Pryor + 1, Richter B, Richter C (he needs to run Boston), Roth, Simmons, Smoker, Sollenberger, Stauffer, Tagg, Thorsen, Ubriaco, Watson, Weida, Zook, Poland, and…

Away: Charles (MT), Brenner (FL), Addis (TN), Matula, Dubs, Stevenson

Racing ahead: 

  • April 2: 39th Annual Millersville Metrics Track Meet (Dever, Moore, Petraco, others?)
  • April 18: 126th BOSTON Marathon (~10 + from the club are in – who will go sub 2:30?)
  • APRIL 28-30: PENN RELAYS Franklin Field (Train group?)
  • April 30: 24th Race Against Racism (we want an FMTC winner this year)
  • May 1: 42nd Broad Street 10-mile run (USATF team in place)
  • June 2: 45th Red Rose Run (Lancaster and Connecticut versions)

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