February 22, 2022

Tuesday gave the warmest temperatures so far this year for the workouts – although there were a few complaints (?whines) about the wind and rain and even our club treasurer J.M. noted “Conditions were too shit” – not sure if that is grammatically correct?  Either way, February is almost history so we can expect that warmer & longer days will come quickly. I was fortunately able to connect with some of our FMTC teammates here in Florida and we finished our run with a jump into Amos’s pool followed by the hot tub (just no PBRs as it was too early).  Thanks again to Jay (and STRAVA) for giving me the numbers which included 20 PBRs so maybe a few of you “doubled”. I did a twice-over STRAVA review – so sorry if I missed anyone or you did not bother to check-in. If our travel plans work I hope to be at track next Tuesday to bring in March. Also all recent FMTC race times are in LNP Sports today and finally if you have NOT paid dues for 2022 this will be your last FMTC email (thanks Lonnie, thanks Nick). -Jeff

AM: Newcomer W, Newcomer M, King A, King E, Lantz J, Kirchner J (Sarasota), Kleinhaus

PM: Chris A, Nick, Otis, Zach, Jeremy, Scott, ,Brian P,  Denise, Gretchen, Sarah, Katie & Andrew, Nate T, Nate A, Dan, Jason, Jonathan, Jonas, Nate T, Adam, Jake, Peter B, Sam G, Sam D, John M, Anthony, Ashley, Mark, and Ben.

CHECK-INS/STRAVA: Charles (MT), Barber, Boben M (CA), Wasch, Nesbitt, Thorson, Wege, Kandil, Knaster, Weida, Stauffer, Bailey (GA)…

  • Look for an email from Jay later this week about upcoming USATF races
  • March 12: 15th Run for Luck 4 miler
  • April 30: 24th Race against Racism
  • June 4: 46th Red Rose Run

Hoping we can get great FMTC support (and wins !) for our local races. 

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