February 14, 2022 (Tuesday preview)

Greetings and Happy Valentine’s Day from southwest Florida where the weather remains running-friendly but not exactly warm (actually only 48* as I write). The only racing this weekend was by Sam G who ran 8:19 for 3K – a new FMTC record surpassing the 8:27 by Otis at the same meet in 2018 and Chris Myers, who ran a solid 3K @ 8:47 also racing indoors at the Ocean Breeze track in New York. Peter, Dan, and Bobby decided that Lancaster wasn’t cold enough so they went up to the Adirondacks for some altitude snowshoe training. On the national track scene Grant Fisher ran a ridiculously fast 12:53 5000 meters indoors at Boston, easily breaking Galen Rupp’s US Record of 13:01. The #1 workout below is the weekly Furman workout and the 2nd is from last year which was part of the Boston Training Schedule. Hoping the track is clear but have not been able to confirm this. The weather remains winter-like (blame Phil?) with 12* predicted for the Tuesday 8 AM group and 37* for the 6 PM group. Jay will have the PBRs. Check-ins appreciated but not necessary. -Jeff


2-3 mile warm-up then dynamic stretching and drills.

  1. 1000m (2min. RI); 1600m (90sec. RI), 600m (60sec. RI), 800m (90sec. RI), 2 x 400m (60sec. RI)
  2. 6 x 1 mile with 400m jog RI run @ ½ Marathon pace

4 x 100m strides, 25+ push-ups (strength component!), 1.6-2 mile campus cool-down.

  • Club Dues are due to Jeremy or me by February 28th
  • March 12: Run for Luck – Lancaster Country Day School
  • April 9: Farmers 5K Race, New Holland (benefits XC program)
  • April 18: 126st BOSTON Marathon
  • April 30: 24th Race Against Racism (we want an FMTC winner this year)

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