January 31, 2022 (Tuesday preview)

January 31, 2022 (Tuesday preview)

Early morning Greetings from Virginia. Hopefully some of you watched Millrose on Saturday and saw an amazing 3,000m men’s race and a fast Wanamaker mile—highlighted by Nick Willis running sub-4 for 20 years in a row. Despite the cold and snow, a few raced this weekend including Adam Harriger (17:05) at the Ice 5K, Sam Dever 4th at a snowshoe 5K and Mimi Newcomer continues to tear it up in Florida winning the Masters 5K in Sarasota with a 23:03.  Saturday and Sunday were a bit brutal for outside running although there were 7 at the group run Saturday. Treadmill was a good option for a few and had Scott Roth not done his treadmill miles he may have ended up looking like the guy who completed a marathon in Eastern Europe @ minus 47* (featured picture). Conditions for Tuesday look decent (27*/39*) and the track should be clear except the out lanes on the near curve. Below are the 2 workouts we did to start February last year—the second is Marathon focused. I confirmed there will be an 8AM group and the normal 6PM group. -Jeff

2-3 Mile warm-up; followed by drills.

  1. 4 x 2000 meters with 3 min RI between each 2K (5K pace)
  2. 3 x 2 miles with 400m jog RI (10K pace)

4 x 100 strides; 25 push-ups (or more), 1.6 mile campus cool-down.

Other Items: 

Please send me 1 or 2 RACE GOALS for 2022

-Dues are due by the end of February / Please let me know if you are opting out for this year (hopefully not many)

-TWO!! sub-4 minute miles this weekend by Lancaster Runners including Evan Dorrenkamp (Manheim Twp/Penn State) @ 3:57:15 and Nathan Henderson (McCaskey/Syracuse) @  3:59:43

-F&M College track runner and club member Bennett Wasch PR’d this weekend at the 5000 with a solid 15:41

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