January 31, 2022 (Tuesday preview)

Early morning Greetings from Virginia. Hopefully some of you watched Millrose on Saturday and saw an amazing 3,000m men’s race and a fast Wanamaker mile—highlighted by Nick Willis running sub-4 for 20 years in a row. Despite the cold and snow, a few raced this weekend including Adam Harriger (17:05) at the Ice 5K, Sam Dever 4th at a snowshoe 5K and Mimi Newcomer continues to tear it up in Florida winning the Masters 5K in Sarasota with a 23:03.  Saturday and Sunday were a bit brutal for outside running although there were 7 at the group run Saturday. Treadmill was a good option for a few and had Scott Roth not done his treadmill miles he may have ended up looking like the guy who completed a marathon in Eastern Europe @ minus 47* (featured picture). Conditions for Tuesday look decent (27*/39*) and the track should be clear except the out lanes on the near curve. Below are the 2 workouts we did to start February last year—the second is Marathon focused. I confirmed there will be an 8AM group and the normal 6PM group. -Jeff

2-3 Mile warm-up; followed by drills.

  1. 4 x 2000 meters with 3 min RI between each 2K (5K pace)
  2. 3 x 2 miles with 400m jog RI (10K pace)

4 x 100 strides; 25 push-ups (or more), 1.6 mile campus cool-down.

Other Items: 

Please send me 1 or 2 RACE GOALS for 2022

-Dues are due by the end of February / Please let me know if you are opting out for this year (hopefully not many)

-TWO!! sub-4 minute miles this weekend by Lancaster Runners including Evan Dorrenkamp (Manheim Twp/Penn State) @ 3:57:15 and Nathan Henderson (McCaskey/Syracuse) @  3:59:43

-F&M College track runner and club member Bennett Wasch PR’d this weekend at the 5000 with a solid 15:41

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