February 7, 2022 (Tuesday preview)

Greetings from southwest Florida where the weather has been a bit more running friendly than at home—but we still have some coastal winds and 58-60* water temps to contend with. There was no racing this past weekend that I am aware of. No formal wrap-up from last Tuesday to start the month but to everyone’s credit I have 51 FMTC members in the attendance book including those who checked in, I picked up on STRAVA or whose names (34!) were submitted by group 2 leader Jay McMillan who also has been supplying the cold Tuesday night PBRs.  The workouts below are the same as February 9th 2021, although per the club log there was ice on the track (but 29 in attendance) at the Champs Elysees. The second/longer workout was submitted by Brenda and was part of the Boston Training Schedule. The weather looks pretty decent with 21* for the 8 AM group and a balmy 41* for the 6 PM group. As always, check-ins (“accountability”) encouraged but not required. -Jeff

Feb 8th

2-3 mile warm-up plus drills

  1. 6 x 800m  Modified Yasso’s – going every 5 minutes (run at 5K pace)
  2. 12 x 800m with 45 sec RI (run at 10K pace)

4 x 100 m strides, 25+ push-ups (strength component!),  1.6 mile campus cool-down

  • Dues are due by February 28th, Thanks to all who have paid via the website or check –  if you are still getting these emails but are not going to stay with the club, please let me know and I will take you off of our list
  • March 12 – Run for Luck – Lancaster Country Day School
  • April 18 – 126st BOSTON Marathon
  • April 30 – 24th Race Against Racism (we want an FMTC winner this year)

Do you remember your first race ever?  Hopefully it went better than

Molly Seidel: “First race ever, ever: my mom drove me to a track meet at Pius XI High School. I was in middle school trying to run for my church’s track team and I threw up in a trash can and went home without actually racing because I was so nervous. So that was the illustrious start of my running career”. Interview with Jeff Hollobaugh in February 2022 issue of Track and Field News.

“In the midst of winter,
I found there was, within me,
an invincible summer.”
— Albert Camus

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