January 18, 2022

Despite the cold weather, winds out of the West, and plenty of ice, a remarkable number of our runners (~50) got out yesterday. The majority, including our A.M. group of 6, did their work on the “Clayton loop”. A few others, so it appears did some miles on the F&M track although with the amount of ice on the near turn I am not sure how this was managed without a fall or two.
A few of you checked in (including Foley, Bell) many others I picked up on STRAVA– if neither applies – then you may not be noted below. A few doubled.  I also have credited our skiers. Congrats to Brian Petraco who was awarded a 12% stoudt last evening at the FMTC “home base” – for his Houston 26.2 effort… but sub-2:30 still awaits him and is one of his 2022 goals.

ON the Track / Clayton loop / Checked-in / Strava spotted
AM: Foley, Barber, Addis, Charles, Newcomer W, Kirchner, Pick, Maher, Delia, Brenner, Alter, Bell, Matula, Lachman, Roth, Zook

PM: Simmons, Moore, McMillan D, McMillan J, Weida, Hodge, Antinucci, Knaster, Dubs, Harriger, Hopkins, Wege (CO), Newcomer M (FL), Bailey (GA), Mitchell (VT), Tagg, Kalinowski, Matthews, O’Regan (Ephrata), Lachman (again), Gerstenbacher, Smoker, Nephin, Glick, Thorsen, Gatchell, MacNeil (Ephrata), Wallick, Dever S, Dever A, Mohler, Ubriaco (TM), Petraco & Schuler (26.2 + exemptions)

  • 2022 Dues are now due (if you are on this list and not re-joining – let me know)
  • Please send 1 or 2 RACE TIME goals for yourself for 2022 (31 so far)
  • Look at the FMTC website calendar for upcoming races for Feb and March
  • A reminder to look at strength/cross-training to supplement your running (Justin G would agree)

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