January 11, 2022

Despite yesterday being the coldest day thus far (Saturday may break this) having ventured out yesterday to run several times the temperatures were not too bad nor the wind but I think the ice was a greater obstacle for anyone running. Thanks to Jay for checking in a few folks, others listed below are based on Strava reporting. I would anticipate that warmer temperatures today and tomorrow before the weekend drop-off should clear up the F and M Track.

TRACK / STRAVA: Alter (4:49 AM), Kirchner, Nephin, McMillan J, Tagg, Wallick, Dever, Kalinowski, Glick, Thorsen, Pearson T, Krebs J, Nesbitt, Hopkins, Mohler, Longenecker (TM), Watson L, Roth, Weida, Pearson E, Hodge (CA), O’Regan, Knaster, McNeill, Luff, Brenner, Myers, Gerstenbacher, Lachman, Matula (TM), Griffith, Richter, King, Zook, Petraco, Antinucci, Schuler (TM)

  • January 16th: Houston  Marathon is this Sunday. The fields are absolutely loaded and included Brian Petraco and Timothy Schuler. The race will be streamed on ESPN3.
  • January 29th: Millrose Games NYC – Men’s Mile: Kerr, Hoare, Kessler, Willis, Engles, Wynne, Murphy
  • 2022 Racing Goals – please send one or two to me, about 15 of you have thus far
  • FMTC 2022 dues – Thanks to all who have paid / donated – deadline in Feb. 28th

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