January 4, 2022

After starting the season with a cold AM workout with Walt, Will, and Leah, I was able to get to the track last evening for a short period of time and was truly impressed and inspired by the number of runners we had to kick off the new training year – based on a perusal of logs from the prior, the most runners ever for the first Tuesday in January.  Great seeing so many of us working hard / working together as we approach our running/racing goals for 2022. Thanks to Sam G for dropping off the cooler – although consumption was low likely based due to the cold temps. Besides in-person and STRAVA – I likely missed a few, so let me know if you are not given credit below. 

ON THE TRACK:  AM (21*) : Charles, Kirchner, Maher, Newcomer W, Kleinhaus.   

ON THE TRACK PM (30*) : Addis, Nephin (see photo), Roth (ETOH-free), Matula, Gerstenbacher, McMillan D (nice Cooper test!), McMillan J, Lefever (new), Mohler, Zamrin (Lehigh), Glick, Matthews, Dever S, Griffith, Delia, Oles, Richter B, RIchter C, Smoker, Sollenberger A, Sollenberger B, Hodge, Wallick, Petraco, Weida , Schuler (20×400)

Check-in or STRAVA sighted –  Stevenson, Mitchell, Wege (CO), Boben B (CO), Boben M/J (CO), Ubriaco, Dubs, Alter, Lachman, Tagg (IA), Hopkins, MacNeil, O’Regan, Pearson, Watson G., Newcomer M (FL), Moore

  • THANKS from the FTMC Board to all of you who have already paid your 2022 dues, this will help us move ahead with some club goals for later in the year. 
  • BOSTON MARATHON BUS –  Walt Newcomer is working on chartering a bus / Hotel for Boston this April – price will be about $700 per person which includes travel and 4 nights lodging which is incredibly reasonable for the time/ travel up there. Look for a specific email in the next day or 2 to assess for interest. 
  • Look for a request soon – 1 or 2 Personal Racing Goals for 2022

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