November 29, 2021 (Tuesday preview)

This will be a short, quick email coming from the Ontario, CA Airport where we will soon be departing for a long day of travel back to Lancaster. We may have had a record # of people racing on Thanksgiving Day based on Sarah’s compilation of all the data submitted to us. No outright wins but lots of strong times and a 60-69 AG win for a Diamond by Phil Garland at Berwick. These were in yesterday’s Sunday LNP Sports. Sorry if we missed anyone – most of these were self-submitted. We will have groups at the F and M track again this week at 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM. Consider connecting with those in your respective groups regarding alternative (or same) meet-up times.

November 30th: 2-3 mile warm-up + drills.1. 4 x 400m with 100m RI / 1 x 1600m / 4 x 400m  (400s at 5K pace / mile at 10K pace)2.  4 x 200m / 3 x 400m / 2 x 800m/ 1 x mile
*** 4 x 100m strides – 25 push-up / 1.6 mile campus cool down.

Dec. 4th – Manheim Twp. 5K XC Race

Dec. 5th – CIM 26.2 Sacramento  (Delia, MacNeil, Watson)

Dec. 11th – Club XC Nationals, Tallahassee, FL  (10 FMTC Runners in)

Dec. 14th – FMTC Holiday WOW at Reology Studio (should have gotten the E-vite from Sarah and Georganne)

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