November 23, 2021


A quick evening wrap-up this week due to holiday travel pressures and a few other family momentum issues. I have included anyone who I know was at the track in the AM (with our group), those who posted on STRAVA today –  or tonight where I stopped by to award Jay his well-deserved sub-3 Dogfish Head “180 minute” IPA.

Many of our runners were coming off a weekend race or heading into a race this Thursday – so hopefully many of you took an often neglected (?dreaded) rest day. I likely missed a few of our runners but hopefully not too many.

TRACK/ Check-in / Strava:
 Addis, Dubs, Wege (FL), Hodge (MT), Gehman, Alter, Krebs J,, Kleinhaus, Geissinger, O’Regan, Schuler, Nesbitt (FL), Delia (SC), Watson G, Lavin, Pearson E, Hopkins, Moore, Antinucci, Matthews

A.M. TRACK: Kirchner, Newcomer M, Newcomer W, Charles, Athey, and Oles

P.M. TRACK: Petraco, Simmons, Roth, Matula, Gatchell, McMillan D, McMillan J, Sollenberger A, Sollenberger B, Stoltzfus, Zook, Tagg, Thorson, Richter B, Griffith M, Nephin (photographer!), Clark, Wallick, and

  • Please check in with Sarah and myself with your Thanksgiving Day Race Results (and location)
  • Thanksgiving Day –  7 AM FMTC group run from the track —  Newcomer and Stoudt leading
  • Look for the E-vite from Sarah for FMTC Holiday WOW  –  December 14th

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