November 16, 2021

After polling a few of our older FMTC members, I decided to bring back the wrap-up and will try continue it through the end of this year.  However, I will likely not be at the F&M on most Tuesday evenings (opting for the morning) which will make it challenging to include everyone who gets the workouts done. I will do my best with a regular perusal of STRAVA and attempt to “follow” more of you going forward. If you are not currently using STRAVA – consider doing so but no pressure depending on your relationship with social media.

Happy Birthday #30 (new AG) to Stephen Welsh and congrats on his birthday marathon run with Bobby– he is ready to go in 2022 for his sub-3 BQ.  Welcome to new FMTC runner Rachel Paul who ran at Georgetown and undoubtedly will maker our stellar women’s team even stronger. There were 7 of us at the track for the A.M. workout so a reminder that his will remain an option (hopefully through the end February) and also a strong turnout last P.M. with a abundance of 400m repeats completed by many of our runners – which would have made Denton and Cassidy proud. Thanks to Jay for taking over PBR beer duties for several weeks – we are open to other volunteers.

TRACK AM:  Addis, Charles, Newcomer W, Caston, Hodge, Kirchner, Knaster, Petraco (FL).

TRACK PM: McMillan J, McMillan D, Dever S, Sollenberger A, Sollenberger B, Tagg, Matula, Roth, Paul, Maher, Smoker, Paul, Antinucci, Schuler (12.38 miles), Garland, Arndt, Newcomer W (double), Mitchell, Dalia, Thorson, Fife, Glick, Richter B, Richter C, Simmons, Stoltzfus, Gatchell, Urban (Lititz), King E, Moore, Mohler, Julianne, Myers, Clark, and likely a few more – let me know ?

CHECK Ins: Barber, Griffith, Alter, Stevenson, Welsh & Longenecker (26.2), Kleinhaus, Geissinger, Rissinger (maternity leave), Matthews, Nephin (Phila.), Newcomer (FL), Brenner (VA), O’Regan (5k TT)

INJURY list:  Pick, Ubriaco, Lachman, Wege, Dever A


Nov. 20-12 Philadelphia Marathon Weekend

  • Rothman 8K – Roth, Matula, Gerstenbacher, Newcomer, Kirchner…
  • Philly half – Anyone besides Jessica Drop?
  • Philly full – Dever, Fife, Kalinowski, Tagg, Thorson, McMillan J, Mohler, Glick

November 25 -Thanksgiving: Possible AM group run from F&M; multiple Turkey trots

December 5th –   CIM 26.2 Sacramento (Georganne and Sarah are tapering!)

December 11th – USATF Club XC National in Tallahassee, Florida (10 runners in)

December 14th – HOLIDAY WOW/Christmas Party –  look for specific information and RSVP next week

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