November 2, 2021

Walter, Will, and I broke with tradition and did the track workout yesterday AM and although I made a brief early appearance at the track last evening, most of the “attendance” list below is from those of you who use STRAVA – so let me know if I missed you. Thanks to Jason as always for bringing the Chocolate milk and to Sam for dropping off the FMTC cooler at my house post-track. Overall the attendance (and PBR consumption  17/30) was on the lighter side – which likely was due to a combination of weather, elections, injury, and family momentum issues. A running trivia question: Who is the runner above? (it is not Otis or his father)  

On /At the TRACK/or Check-ins: Charles, Kirchner, Newcomer (all AM), Addis, Griffith, Pick, Oles (Virginia), Richter B, Richter C, Smoker, Thorsen, MacNeil, Schuler & Garland (mile repeats), Hodge, Antinucci (200s), Lachman (bike), Mitchell (Salunga), Krebs J (Spring Garden), McMillan J, Maher, Myers (Bethlehem), Petraco, Matula, Gerstenbacher (lots of Ks) with Gatchell, Ubriaco, Zook, Wallick, Mohler G, Dever S, Matthews, Nesbitt, Roth, Alter (SLH), Knaster (Scranton), Newcomer (Florida), Barber (Road), Arndt (Strasburg Y),  O’Regan (Austin TX), Kleinhaus, McMillan D (work momentum)… likely a few more, let me know.

November 7th – 50th New York City Marathon (Bill Boben is representing FMTC) – ESPN2 @ 8:30 AM

November 20th – Phila 1/2 M @ 7 AM / followed by Rothman 8K @ 11 AM

November 21st – Phila Marathon. (Cody, Jay M, Jay G, Bill F, Nate, Jake, Sam, Alyssa) 

November 25th – MANDATORY Turkey Trot 5K (find one wherever you are – unless you are racing in Berwick)

December 4th – Manheim Twp “Ugly Sweater” XC 5K race.  ( or see Mark Oles

December 4th – CIM 26.2- Sacramento, CA (Watson G, Delia…?) 

December 11th – USATF Club XC Nationals Tallahassee FL (Boben, Charles, Fife, Garland, Kirchner, Lafferty, Mohler, Newcomer, Schuler, Wege)

December 14th – 6:00 PM Our 14th FMTC Holiday WOW / Club meeting at Reology Studio – West James St & Mulberry St

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