October 26, 2021

The last workout of October went out on a rather miserable note last evening with some rain, wind, and the coolest temps we have had since last Spring – but still a solid turnout by many members of FMTC. The group 1 guys spent most of the evening on the Clayton loop but showed up in time to see Sam get his special “15K Victory” Stout and have one PBR before the Volvo and I left the F&M parking lot due to pending hypothermia. Those of us on the track were split between the 300s and perhaps the more challenging 1200m repeats. Thanks again to Jason for the chocolate milk… unfortunately the cold temps and short post-workout meetup left me with too many extra PBRs (12) for Dan to take home. It is still not too late to sign up for the Philly 1/2 M or Rothman 8K – anticipating a large FMTC for the latter event. 

ON/AT THE TRACK: Addis,  Dever S, Foley, Garland, Gatchell, Gerstenbacher, Getz, Griffith, Kerod, King E, Kirchner, Kleinhaus (AM) Luff, MacNeil, Matula, McMillan D, McMillan J, Mohler, Moore, Myers, Nephin, Newcomer W, O’Regan, Oles + 1, Petraco (Houston) Richter B,  Roth, Schuler, Simmons, Smoker, Sollenberger A, Sollenberger B, Stoltzfus J,  Tagg, Ubriaco, Wallick, Welsh, Newcomer M (FL)

CHECK INs: Wege (CO), Lachman (boot), Harriger, Weida, Clark, Delia, Mitchell, Arndt (treadmill), and Barber. 

  • Saturday, Nov. 20th – Philly 1/2 M and Rothman 8K (team event). 
  • Sunday,   Nov. 21st – Philly Marathon ( Glick, Dever, Thorson, Fife, Kalinowski w/, McMillan,) 
  • Thursday Nov 25th – Multiple Turkey Trot races (find one)
  • Sunday, Dec. 5th –  CIM  Sacramento  “Fastest Course in the West” PRs for Georganne and Sarah 
  • Saturday, Dec. 11th – USATF Club XC National Championships (Tallahassee, FL) 
  • Tuesday, Dec. 14th – Our 14th!! FMTC Holiday WOW run /party/ annual meeting – SAVE THE DATE

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