September 21, 2021

Great turnout last evening for our first “Fall” club track workouts. Most of us did the long “Art” ladder workout while others did 800s or 5-6 mile tempos on the Clayton Loop. All 32 PBRs were consumed as was the gallon of choc. milk courtesy of Jason. As always thanks to Walter who consistently supplies the club water. Congrats to Denise and Jay who were awarded special Sam Adams beers for their “couples” PR and sub-3 marathon combination. Hopefully, no one was hit by the guy riding his bike on the track who was pleasantly cooperative when I told him this was not allowed nor part of track etiquette… and congrats to Andrew Macneil who joins the Masters (40+) AG and the F&M Men’s XC team (including honorary summer “member” Bennett Wasch; pictured above) who are now ranked 5th regionally – the first time in several years – next up for them: the Paul Short Invite!  

TRACK: Bell, Charles, Dever S, Fife, Garland, Gatchell, Gerstenbacher, Getz, Givans, Glick, Griffith, Hickie-Delia, Hodge, King E, Knaster + Nicole, Kirchner, Lachman, Luff, Lynch, Matthews, Matula, McMillan D, McMillan J, Moore, Myers, Petraco, Nesbitt, Newcomer W, Richter B, Richter C (shoeless!), Roth, Simmons, Smoker, Sollenberger B, Sollenberger A (dad duty) + 2 in the jump pit; Stauffer, Stoltzfus J, Stoudt (coaching), Tagg, Thorsen, Ubriaco, Wallick, Watson G, Welsh, Zook, Natasha, + new female runner

CHECK-INS: Barber (Clayton loop AM), Kalinowski, Stevenson, Weida (college), Kleinhaus (wt training), Addis (Maine), Dever A, Dubs, Pick, Detweiler, Watson L (dad duty)

Who we Missed:  Maher, Foley, Antinucci, Schuler  

  • Friday, Sept 24th – COROS watches from Scott!
  • Sat. Sept. 25th –  York White Rose 5-miler – Chris, Sam, Georganne… hopefully a few more
  • Sat. Oct. 2nd – Hartz Fall Blast 5K –  Tom, Drew…
  • Sun. Oct. 10th – Broad St 10-mile – Brandi, John, Scott, Jeremy…

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